Pars served the society by realizing its production

According to Eqtesadonline; Reaching the final week of 1399, the managers of Pars Home Appliances Company, by attending the factory of this company, held a meeting with the CEO and members of the board of directors to review the performance of the previous year and the upcoming plans for next year.

Mohammadzadeh expressed his satisfaction with being among the capable and hard-working managers of Pars and said: “I came here today to thank all of you for your one-year effort to serve the industry and the people of the country.” In addition, I am sure that just as you were successful in realizing the budget of 140,000 units in 1999, you will be proud next year.

Iraj Mohammadzadeh, CEO of Pars, stated that “this year Pars underwent changes in the field of company management”.

In 1999, Pars witnessed great events in the fields of production, sales and administration.

Mohammadzadeh, while thanking the efforts of previous managers, said: “This year, in addition to supplying raw materials for production was very hard work, the group worked day and night to supply these materials and with self-sacrifice with problems such as lack of liquidity and lack of materials, they were able to Provide an initial 140,000 devices.

The CEO of Pars thanked the activities of different units of the factory and said: “With their efforts, we were able to produce up to 900 units per day.” Even in the circumstances that it was said that it is not possible to produce more than 500 units. But you proved with mujahedeen that not only is there no need to adjust the budget, but you also proved that Pars is the Pars that can improve its position.

Mohammadzadeh, stating that in the past Pars Company did not have a sales organization, said: “There have been many changes in the field of sales and we have active sales representatives in all provinces.”

Referring to the activities in the field of research and development of the company, the CEO of Pars said: “The design of the new Pars Combine has been completed.” We will also see new faces in Pars products, the result of which will be seen in 1400 as an important part of our activities.

Mohammadzadeh continued: In the first half of 1400, in addition to changes in Pars refrigeration products, we will see the launch of a new Pars washing machine production line.

Explaining the current conditions of the sales market, the CEO of Pars said: “We must get out of the traditional sales mode and with programs that will be customer-oriented, we will affect the target community of Pars products more than before.”

Referring to the importance and position of after-sales service in a system, the CEO of Pars said: “A proper after-sales service can attract many customers to the collection.”

Therefore, after-sales service has a special place for us, and in the new year we must see changes in this area.

Referring to the problems of sanctions in supplying raw materials, he described the amount of sales services required for Pars products as an acceptable percentage and said: “We should compensate this amount by using the creativity and innovation capacity of the company’s after-sales service management to satisfy customers.” Raise.

Mohammadzadeh, emphasizing that there is no force reduction program in Pars, said: “Good developments have taken place in the administrative field, which will be followed up next year as well.” The manpower in the factory complex must be in the service of production and create added value for the complex.

Mohammadzadeh called on all Pars officials to move towards solving problems in the new year with a creative spirit. He said: “We hope that at the end of 1400, we will be able to celebrate the end of the year by realizing the budget.”

Congratulating the new year to the staff of Pars Home Appliances, the CEO of Pars said: “I wish a good year and a century for all members of the large, honest and hard-working Pars family.”

After the holidays, we start the new century with a new thought and deliver a very good collection to the future.

Mohammadzadeh once again thanked all the factors of production management and Pars factory and said: “You achieved a great service to the society by realizing the budget of 140,000 units in 1999, which could not afford to buy expensive products.”

It is worth mentioning that Pars Company has increased its production and sales by 25% in the year of production jump compared to the previous year.