Participation of tourists in observing health rules guarantees the continuation of activities in Kish

Jafar Ahangaran, the head of this organization, accompanied by Ali Arab, CEO of Kish Ports and Airports Development and Management Company, visited different parts of the international airport and commercial port of the island.

The head of the Kish Free Zone Organization, while positively evaluating the Nowruz activities and carrying out plans commensurate with the beginning of the new year in order to create a culture to comply with health instructions to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus, He mentioned a valuable and effective effort to maintain the presence of tourists in Kish.

He said that the efforts of Kish port and airport staff throughout the year, despite the difficult conditions caused by the outbreak of Corona virus, to provide good services to residents, tourists and travelers of the island is commendable and asked Kish tourists to strictly follow health guidelines in control The outbreak of Covid 19 will help to continue the activities on this tourist island.

Public Relations and International Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization