Passenger cell phone registry conditions announced

According to the Baaqtesad news website, the recent correspondence between the Iranian Customs and the Anti-Trafficking Headquarters regarding the consequences of the face-to-face registry, in the current coronary situation, caused the phone registry procedure to change at the entry points during the negotiations.

On 12 October of this year, based on a notification to the executive customs, it was decided to ban any absentee registration of mobile phones, after leaving the executive customs (entry points) by passengers, and to declare and register mobile phones of passengers only at the entry points and after verification. Accurate identification and recognition of non-trade and during customs formalities at the time of entry into the country.

But it did not take long for long queues of several hours to delay passengers at the entrance halls, which not only posed a danger to passengers, but also to the customs staff due to the existing restrictions.

Finally, in a letter to the Anti-Trafficking Headquarters, the Iranian Customs requested a report on the current situation, in order to prevent the spread of coronary heart disease, as well as to satisfy incoming passengers and systematize the registration process, to implement the mobile phone registry plan. In absentia and after conducting systematic inquiries from the passport unit and in a place other than customs entry points to prevent possible abuses of the plan, the accumulation and spread of Covid-19 disease by cutting the outbreak chain of the Corona virus.

Accordingly, the registry conditions changed again and he became absent; So that the whole process that the passenger does in the customs entrance hall to declare and register the basic information, takes less than a minute and the rest is done in absentia.

On the eve of the absence of the mobile phone registry, Mehrdad Jamal Arvanghi – Technical Deputy of Iran’s Customs – in an interview with ISNA, explained the details of this process.

Record information by barcode reader

Arvanghi pointed out that as a result of the negotiations, the previous circular on how to register the mobile phone of the incoming passenger was canceled and the new procedure was notified to the executive customs, which will be implemented from the first of January. Monday), the registration of passenger information and specifications of mobile phones at the entrance and before leaving the passenger lounge, after the passenger declares the phone and sees it by the officials of the executive customs and registers its information through a barcode reader. After this stage, the process of registering the imported passenger phones is done in absentia and is done by the passenger within one month from the date of arrival and in the “EPL” system.

Passengers should not leave the hall without providing information

He stated that the passenger with a new mobile phone should complete and submit the passenger declaration to the assessors of the entrance hall upon arrival, adding: the passenger and mobile phone details of the person, especially the “IMEI” of the mobile phone, should be included in the declaration. It should be mentioned and before leaving the passenger hall, delivery should be done by the customs to register the information in the bar code reader.

The technical deputy of customs emphasized: passengers with mobile phones should pay attention if they do not declare and present their information and mobile phones to customs at the entrance and exit of the passenger hall due to other systemic restrictions, the possibility of continuing the registration process in There is no EPL system platform.

Arvanghi also reminded about the passengers who failed to register: those travelers entering the country from July 12 to January 1, who for various reasons have not been able to register their mobile phones can Through the desired system and without physical presence in the executive customs, to perform the registration process in absentia (online) and through the system.

Possibility of registration only from “EPL” channel

The official in charge of Iran’s customs explained about the EPL system: This registry system is connected to the NAJA passport system, and if the incoming passengers did not enter the country within the desired time period or were not passengers at all, it will not be possible to register their phones.

According to him, due to the re-launch of the EPL system on the Internet, the use of the Merchant system (the previous system for the registry) is not possible for incoming passengers with a mobile phone.

Source: ISNA