Patients’ appreciation of Bank Melli Hospital for health defenders

According to Ibna, citing public relations Bank Melli IranThe start of the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic and the increase in the number of patients with Quid 19 have alerted the country and the number of patients has multiplied compared to the past.

In the meantime, the staff of Bank Melli Iran Hospital has resolutely waged jihad and fight against Corona in order to have the best service appropriate to their dignity and the position of our dear compatriots and the bank. Those who are far more aware of the dangers of this virus than anyone else, but only think of saving the lives of patients.

This self-sacrifice and hard work has not been hidden from the eyes of patients and the level of empathy, support and appreciation of health defenders and staff of the bank hospital has been announced many times.

The National Bank of Iran and the companions of the Bank Hospital are fully grateful for the tireless efforts of the medical staff of this hospital and always ask God Almighty for success and health for these loved ones.