Paxan, a leader in the field of detergent production

Paxan Company has been active in the field of detergent and hygiene products for a long time. This group has done its activity in a large way, so that today a large part of the well-known brands in the market is a subset of this large company. Popular and well-known brands such as Golnar, Save, Arous, Posh, Goli, Barf, Orchid, Nasim, Pooneh, Sepid, Rakhsha, Pride, etc. are among the brands that Paxan Company uses to present its products. Seems.

The most popular Paxan products

Paxan products are produced with a high variety to be able to meet all the needs of people from different walks of life and meet them. It is good to know that the products of this company are not limited to soaps, washing powders, shampoos, dishwashing salts and in general all kinds of detergents needed for cleaning homes and home applications; But also various industrial products including glycerin, vegetable oil, sulfonic acid, etc. are also in the list of products offered by this company.

According to the statistics obtained from the sales of Paxan products and also the satisfaction of consumers with the products of this company, a list of the most popular products produced by Paxan company has been obtained, some of which are briefly introduced below:

Golnar soap

Golnar soap has long been recorded in the memory of everyone with its green color and coconut scent. This product is suitable for washing the body and can be used by all people. This soap is currently produced in three types of Golnar bath soap, Golnar Javan soap and Golnar bath soap with cellophane and is available in different packages in the market. In the combinations Golnar soap Coconut extract and oil have been used, which gives it emollient properties and thus helps maintain the beauty and health of the skin.

Save soap

Save soaps are one of the most diverse types of soaps in the Iranian health products market. These soaps are produced and marketed in three types of box packaging, cellophane, wrapper and hotel. Among these, the most popular save soap from the consumers’ point of view is its boxed sample, which has been mass-produced with various fragrances. Save soap milk and honey, milk and rose, vitamin E, grape seed oil, olive oil, aloe vera, peach and save baby soap are the fragrances and different types of this product.

Rakhsha shoe powder

Rakhsha shoe powder is a suitable detergent for cleaning and cleaning all types of tile, ceramic and sanitary surfaces. This product contains bleach for whitening and disinfecting surfaces. Also, the presence of abrasive material has doubled the scaling power of Rakhsha powder and has a better and more lasting effect.

White oxygen stain powder

The next product is white oxygenated stain powder. This product can easily remove all kinds of newly created stains on white and colored clothes. with having White spot powderDo not worry about juice stains, tea, coffee, chocolate, tomato sauces and stains caused by cosmetics and food in general! Clean your clothes easily with this stain-free powder without causing the slightest damage to the fabric and fibers of the fabric.

White washing powder

White washing powder in the form of two products “White car powder 5” And “White Machine Powder 3+” it is produced. As the name of these two products shows, white washing powder is for washing clothes with a washing machine. High cleaning power, optimal brightness, strong staining, etc. are among the best features of these two products, which have made them different from other similar models on the market. In addition, in the composition of these two washing powders, soap filaments have been used that help maintain the softness and softness of the clothes.

Hand snow powder


Super Snow Hand Powder is another product of Paxan Company, whose appearance and packaging have remained the same from the beginning until now, and reminds consumers of the same nostalgic feeling. The apparent stability of this product is not limited to its packaging and production Hand snow powder It has maintained the same quality as before.

Bridal cosmetic soap

Bridal cosmetic soap is for hand and face washing and is produced in four models: green, pink, yellow and white. The mild and lasting scent of this soap, along with its emollient properties, has made it have its own fans all these years. In the composition of this soap, like Golnar soap, coconut oil has been used to increase its emollient properties and prevent dry skin.

Paxan cares about family health

Paxan Company ( slogan from the beginning “Paxan cares about family health” Has put all its efforts so far in its development process to always pay attention to this important matter, namely the production of detergents and attention to maintaining the health of family members. The use of specialized personnel and the use of advanced machines have been associated with the efficient management of the complex, and the result has been the increasing progress of Paxan Company.