Pejman Jamshidi’s strange move for Reyhaneh Parsa! + Photo

According to reports Badge news site :

Pejman Jamshidi He was a well-known player of Persepolis team and national team. Pejman Jamshidi Then he said goodbye to football and entered the field of acting. Pejman Jamshidi He made his acting debut in Pejman. Pejman Jamshidi was nominated for Best Actor at the Fajr Film Festival. Pejman Jamshidi It shone brightly underground.

Pejman Jamshidi TV series

1٣٩٠ Pejman Jamshidi Doctors Building (Guest Actor) Channel 3

1392 Pejman Pejman Jamshidi Network Three

2014 Mehran Cloudy Years Channel Two

2017 wall to wall Bahram Rezaei Network 3

1396 Nafs Abbas Shabka Seh

Pejman Jamshidi Cinemas

Misunderstanding (film) (1396)

Texas (1396)

Lone Bee (1396)

I am not crazy (1395)

آذر (1395)

Good, bad, kitty (1395)

50 kg of cherries (1394)

Ceasefire 2 (1393)

Pejman Jamshidi’s telefilms

The Honor of the Fazel Family (Pouria Javidpour – 2013)

Pejman Jamshidi

Pejman Jamshidi Theaters

The wind that dried you took me away (Ali Nargesnejad _ December and January _ 2013)

Arsenic and the old tour (Hossein Parsai _ August and September _ 1393)

Aramasayesh (Mohammad Hatami _ October and November _ 1393)

When we return, two legs are left hanging (Ibrahim Posht Koohi _ November and December _ 1393)

Ganjfeh (Noushin Tabrizi _ February _ 1393)

Police (Shayan Afkari _ April and May _ 1394)

Pepperoni for a dictator (Khosrow Ahmadi _ August and September _ 1394)

Bi Navayan (Soroush Taheri _ April and May _ 2016)

Reading the play “Ald Seabrook” (Morteza Barzegarzadeh _ 2016)

I forget you (Jaleh Sameti _ July and August _ 2016)

Play that song again Sam (Davood Bani Ardalan _ July and August _ 2016)

Military rule (Tino Salehi _ October and November _ 2016)

Peeling (Arash Sanjabi _ November and December _ 2016)

Pepperoni for dictator (Ali Ahmadi _ April and May _ 1396)

Beyond the Mirror (Ali Sarabi _ January and February _ 2017)

Pejman Jamshidi