People trust the good and noble bank of Sinai

In this meeting, Engineer Fattah congratulated the year 1400 and also the auspicious days of the birth of Imam Hussein (AS), the scholar of Karbala Hazrat Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (AS) and the half of Sha’ban, which coincided with the new year, and said: With the blessed birth of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), we take the coincidence as a good omen, and with thanks to the Imams, we pray that this year we will see the solution of problems, especially coronary heart disease.

The head of the Foundation for the Oppressed, stating that the year 99 was a difficult year for the proud nation and the country of Islamic Iran, said: “In this year, when we witnessed the continuation of sanctions and unbridled inflation, Corona disease became even more common and caused hardships to the people.” And with the creation of several problems, of course, during this period, the Foundation for the Underprivileged tried to play a role in reducing restrictions by supporting businesses and the affected classes.
He said: “Despite the problems, fortunately, the collection of the Foundation for the Underprivileged has a good performance record, and the production of sub-collections was more than the planned programs, and the productivity and efficiency of the units also increased.”
Engineer Fattah, stating that divine grace does not include man for no reason, pointed out: we must do divine work and reach the deprived in order to be satisfied with God Almighty. Fortunately, thanks to God, the programs of the beginning of the year of the Foundation for the Underprivileged have been realized beyond expectations, which is definitely taken from the Foundation’s services to the deprived, especially in the days of Corona, which has been allocated 2,500 billion Tomans.
He pointed out: God is the banker of the universe; Dealing with him brings double rewards and rewards. To be proud in this world and the hereafter, one must invest in God and follow the prophetic way of life. In banking and fundamentals, we must be careful not to go astray.
Mr. Fattah, pointing out that what is good for everyone, Sina Bank has all together, added: “Sina Bank, in addition to having all the good features and components, should pay more attention to the issue of Qarz al-Hasna as the spirit of banking.”
He pointed out: Our help and alms, as God has said in the Holy Quran, should not be accompanied by persecution. Therefore, the bank’s colleagues should be extremely polite and respectful in providing services to their compatriots, especially since the expectation is higher than the marginal bank of Sinai.
The head of the Foundation for the Underprivileged, stating that we do not look at the bank through the eyes of a piggy bank, added: “Our view is to Sina Bank as a mobile and active bank to achieve the goals and missions of the Islamic Homeland and the Foundation for the Underprivileged. Let’s see the prosperity of this bank in 1400 in the field of Qarz al-Hasna.
Referring to the issue of transferring the shares of Sina Bank, Engineer Fattah said: “In 1400, the issue of transferring the shares of Sina Bank will be operational through interaction with the Central Bank and in accordance with the law.” This bank is the trustworthy advisor of the Foundation for the Underprivileged in banking affairs and there is full readiness to develop the bank’s activities, especially in the international arena.
He added: “People have trusted the good and noble Sina Bank, so it is necessary to support and protect the bank’s shares in the stock market so that the shareholders are not harmed.”
The CEO of Sina Bank, while appreciating the activities and actions of the Foundation for the Underprivileged in supporting the affected groups, said: “In line with the lofty goals of the Islamic system and in line with the Foundation’s missions, the bank Gharz al-Hasna business line and the establishment of Islamic banking management are on the agenda, and in addition to interacting with support organizations and institutions, strategic measures in this area include the establishment of the Supreme Council of Islamic Banking and the Islamic Banking Training and Promotion Center for optimal promotion. It has also considered this important issue.
Dr. Imani stated that in the first 11 months of 1399, 56,000 Qarz al-Hasna loans amounting to 6800 billion Rials have been paid by the bank to applicants and vulnerable groups, noting: Diversity and development of bank services to provide loan services Al-Hasna is one of the basic strategies of the bank in 1400, and we hope that by compiling comprehensive and complete programs, we can take an effective step to promote the culture of Islamic banking and eliminate deprivation and develop the culture of Qarz al-Hasna.
He stated: Sina Bank has taken several measures in the field of social responsibilities this year, including donating 51 ambulances to the Ministry of Health and low-income rural health centers, and providing 50 billion rials in aid to the clients of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee. 7 leading provinces of Corona outbreak and donating 950 tablets to students under the auspices of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and Welfare Organization in the amount of 30 billion Rials, who are not able to attend school due to the outbreak of Corona and are deprived of educational facilities, including the most important Actions.
He further pointed to the efforts to make the bank profitable and said: the bank’s net profit has grown by 154 percent compared to the previous year and the bank’s resource balance has grown by more than 40 percent in February 1999 and the facility balance has grown by more than 45 percent. is showing.