Persepolis club apologizes after runner-up in Asia – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency and quoting the website of the Persepolis club, the club issued a statement of efforts and zeal. The Whites He appreciated Iran and the support of the fanatical supporters of Persepolis.

The statement said:

We are proud of you, the players and members of the Persepolis football team. You are the players, with your zeal and high ability Staff With his wisdom and prudence, in the past, you have proved your ability and competence. Persepolis reached the final of the competition with less expertise predicting its presence. This was not possible except with knowledge Staff, The ability of the players, the support of the fans and the spirit that is flowing in the body of the great Persepolis, and by strengthening it, we will once again be determined to win the Champions League again.

In these difficult times for Corona, we should thank Qatar for hosting the competition and allowing South Korea’s Ulsan Hyundai to compete. And can It was respectful, congratulations on the victory. Addressing the members of the Persepolis football team, we say; You did a great job that, with all its shortcomings, inconveniences, and stone-throwing, no one expected such success.

We, the people of Iran and Asian football, witnessed how you defended the prestige of Iranian football with your sacrifice and once again reached the biggest club event in Asia. This is not an end but a new beginning with more experiences. As a club, we apologize to the fans that despite all our efforts, we did not win the championship, but the title of West Asian champion and runner-up in the Champions League, which is not a small place in the vast continent of Asia, on the night of the birth of Hazrat Zeinab (s) We pay tribute to the martyrs who defended health and to the dear nurses who have been the hope of the lives of Iranians over the past year with their sacrifices.

Undoubtedly, the separation and lack of a few deprived players and the cancellation of league games and away from the match conditions had a great impact on our work, but in Persepolis school there is no excuse and we politely apologize to our fans and try to build a better future. کرد. Persepolis praises its unique fans who have learned well and taught that there is no despair. Persepolis has fans that others miss.

Persepolis have reached the Asian final twice in the last four seasons of the Asian Champions League and have reached the semi-finals once. On the eve of the championship, we failed to achieve it, but which of the Asian champions has continued like this? This process will continue.

Persepolis was able to give hope to the people of football in the most difficult days and conditions with its successes. We come back with more power thanks to the support of the fans and we are counting the moments for the next round of competitions. We will be the champions, in the next attempt, we will bring this cup home and add it to the collection of Iranian football honors.