Persepolis gave Eid fans a victory, Sepahan took the lead

The match between Persepolis and Masjed Soleyman Naft football teams in the 18th week of the Premier League competitions ended with the victory of Golmohammadi students.
According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, the football teams of Persepolis and Naft Masjed Soleiman in the 18th week of the Premier League competitions were hosted by Azadi Stadium from 15:00.
The match ended in a 2-1 victory for Persepolis.
With this result, Persepolis gained 37 points and stabilized its position at the top of the standings. Masjed Soleyman oil also had 20 points and remained in the twelfth place.

Referee: Bijan Heydari

Assistance: Ali Mirzabeigi and Seyed Yaghoub Hojjati

Yellow card: Farhad Majd Kermanshahi, Mohammad Balbali, Mohammad Mehdi Mohebbi, Dariush Yazdi (head coach) from Masjed Soleiman Oil, Mehdi Shiri, Siamak Nemati, Seyed Jalal Hosseini, Hamid Motahari (coach) from Persepolis

Red card: Siamak Nemati from Persepolis

Goals: Mehdi Torabi (32) and Vahid Amiri (68) for Persepolis, Meysam Tahidast (53) for Masjed Silman Oil

Persepolis football team composition:

Hamed Lak, Seyed Jalal Hosseini, Mohammad Hossein Kananizadegan, Mehdi Shiri (60 – Ehsan Pahlavan), Saeed Aghaei, Milad Sarlak, Ahmad Noorollahi, Mehdi Torabi, Omid Alishah (60 – Siamak Nemati), Vahid Amiri, Shahriar Moghanloo (79 – Farshad Faraji)

Head coach: Yahya Golmohammadi

Masjed Soleiman Oil Composition: Farhad Majd Kermanshahi, Mojtaba Moqtadaei (81 – Abbas Bouazar), Mostafa Nayeijpour, Saeed Karimi (75 – Sirvan Ghorbani), Sajjad Jafari (46 – Mohammad Mehdi Mohebbi), Mohammad Balbali (90 – Hamid Khashtan), Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi, Nima Entezari, Meysam Tahidast, Sasan Hosseini (75 – Farid Behzadi Karimi), Mehran Amiri

Head coach: Dariush Yazdi

7 minutes

Sending the ball to Mehdi Torabi and his collision with the opponent’s goalkeeper caused the referee to announce a penalty. This was while Torabi hit his ball and the ball went out of the goal.

8 minutes

Omid Alisha missed a penalty kick and his ball went out of the top of the goal.

12 minutes

Vahid Amiri’s long August throw went out with a dangerous header by Ahmad Noorullahi.

22 minutes

Ahmad Noorullahi’s long pass to Shahriyar Moghanloo and Mohammad Hossein Kanani-Zadegan was stopped by the departure of Masjed Soleyman Oil Gate.

25 minutes

Masjed Soleiman’s free kick was hit by Mohammad Balbali, who turned it into a corner with a good reaction from Hamed Lak.

32 minutes

Sending Saeed Aghaei from the right into the Masjed Soleyman oil penalty area and hitting Mehdi Torabi on the head led to the whites’ first goal.

34 minutes

Ahmad Noorullahi’s header went dangerously out of the oil gate of Masjed Soleyman.

38 minutes

Saeed Aghaei’s long pass was accompanied by a dangerous shot by Vahid Amiri.

40 minutes

Omid Alishah sent a free kick in favor of Persepolis and Shahriar Moghanloo’s header was not included in the frame.

47 minutes

The influence of Persepolis came from the left and the pass went out for Ahmad Nourollahi with a strong shot by this player.

48 minutes

The spectacular blow of Moghanloo city hit the post of Masjed Soleyman oil gate behind the penalty area and was then repelled by the team’s defenders.

50 minutes

Vahid Amiri’s influence from the right and his pass for Alishah turned into a corner with a good reaction from Masjed Soleiman Oil Goalkeeper.

53 minutes

Masjed Soleyman Naft players’ corner kick entered the goal of Hamed Lak and Persepolis with a poor Meysam kick to draw the game.

58 minutes

Dangerous counterattack by Naftis by Mohammad Balbali with a final shot by Sasan Hosseini went dangerously out of the gate of Persepolis.

65 minutes

The dangerous attack of Persepolis did not go anywhere in the hustle and bustle of Masjed Soleyman oil penalty area.

68 minutes

The mistake of Masjed Soleyman Oil defenders behind their penalty area with Shahriar Moghanloo’s ingenuity and his accurate pass for Vahid Amiri became the second goal of Golmohammadi’s students.

75 minutes

Vahid Amiri’s shot went out of the top of Masjed Soleyman Oil Gate in a situation where he did not have a good balance.

78 minutes

Siamak Nemati’s mistake on Masjed Soleyman oil player was accompanied by a second yellow card and dismissal of this player.

88 minutes

Ehsan Pahlavan lost the dangerous counter-attack of Persepolis in a one-on-one situation with the opponent’s goalkeeper.

94 minutes

Mohebbi’s rebellious shot from behind the Persepolis penalty area was accompanied by a good reaction from Hamed Lak. The oil attack continued unabated.