“Persian Gulf Festival” for fishermen and aquaculture in Hormozgan province

According to Shaman News, quoting the public relations and international cooperation of Keshavarzi Bank, fishermen and aquaculture breeders of Hormozgan province can complete their user information and deposit in current accounts, savings account and short-term account, while gaining points in Customer Club and enjoy the benefits of Mehr Business Network, participate in the lottery of millions of prizes of the Persian Gulf Festival.

According to this report, the deadline for participating in the Persian Gulf Festival is until the end of February this year, and the prizes of the winners of this festival include 20 prizes of 40 million Rials and 10 prizes of 20 million Rials.

Dear fishermen and aquaculturists, for more information, you can refer to the branches of Keshavarzi Bank or the website of the Customer Club at the following address.

Persian Gulf Festival