Photos of young Fasaei girls extorted by a man

According to the Shaman News reporter from Shiraz, Colonel Heshmat Soleimani said in this regard: following a young woman referring to the FATA police that she met a person on the social network WhatsApp and after a while with various promises such as employment in a high-paying counseling clinic and taking private photos, the intention to extort money from I have, the issue was put on the agenda of experts.

He stated: “According to the plaintiff’s statements and the necessary investigations, it was determined that the accused entered social networks and abused the feelings of young girls, while introducing himself as a doctor and under the pretext of employment, tried to receive their personal information.”

He added: “Through technical and specialized investigations by FATA police experts, the accused was identified in Fasa city and was arrested with the coordination of a judicial official.”

He said: with additional investigations and digital evidence, it was revealed that the accused had taken the private pictures of 10 young girls with the same trick, with the intention of extorting money.

Noting that the arrested defendant was handed over to the judicial authorities after filing a case, the police official said: “Users should never be deceived by such advertisements and refrain from sending personal information and private pictures to unknown people.”