Poldakhtar needs to build a mountaineering house / high capacity of Poldakhtar mountains for the development of sports tourism

According to the Berna Azleristan news agency; Touraj Haidarpour, referring to the mountainous potential of Poldakhtar, states: Poldakhtar is located in the south of Lorestan and the mountainous location of this city in relation to Lorestan, north of Khuzestan and east of Ilam province has created a corridor for mountaineers, especially in these three provinces. Therefore, the construction of a mountaineering house in this mountainous area is an essential need for the mountaineering community.

The head of Poldakhtar mountaineering board, stating that Poldakhtar tourism and mountaineering capacities are extremely important and effective on the sports tourism industry, adds: “If a mountaineering house is built, a large part of the country’s mountaineering community and even foreign mountaineers can be drawn to this part of the province.” It also contributed to the region’s economic prosperity.

Referring to the diversity of climate in this city, he reminds: Poldakhtar mountainous areas, in addition to having technical and remarkable heights, climbers have a unique climate diversity for the development of this sport. Professional mountaineers, especially in the field of rock climbing and rock climbing. Now that many mountainous areas of the country are affected by snow and severe cold, part of the mountains of this region, which is in a tropical climate, can attract the attention of many climbers in a few months in an attractive air balance.

According to Haidarpour, the morphology of some mountainous areas of Poldakhtar, including areas such as Bababahram and Malawi villages, shows that rock climbing and rock climbing can be developed and promoted in this city, and in addition to training and growing local athletes in these mountaineering branches It has also attracted national and foreign rock climbers and climbers to the region, adding to the growth of sports tourism.

The head of Poldakhtar mountaineering board points out: The topography and mountains of this city need careful technical and scientific study to improve the technical level of mountaineering and the development of this tourist sport, and the construction of a mountaineering house can be an important step to implement these effective economic and sports programs in the region.

He emphasizes that the Poldakhtar Mountaineering Board, in addition to implementing sports programs specific to this field, is also active in various cultural, social and relief fields, etc.: We expect the Department of Sports and Youth, Municipality and Islamic Council The city and other city officials will help promote mountaineering as well as the prosperity of sports tourism in the city by building a mountaineering house in Poldakhtar.