Pompeo accused Iran of involvement in the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted Monday: “Iranian-backed militants have once again recklessly attacked Baghdad, injuring Iraqi civilians. The Iraqi people deserve to prosecute these aggressors. “These criminals must end their destabilizing actions.”

Last night, 11 Katyusha rockets hit the Green Zone of Baghdad, where the US Embassy is located. Following the attacks, US embassy C_RAM air defense systems were activated and US helicopters flew over the area.

Several buildings and vehicles were damaged in last night’s attack, which took place at around 9pm Baghdad time.

Pompeo while 39; 39; Iran-affiliated militias 39; 39; Blames recent attacks and similar attacks on the US embassy, ​​which officials and commanders of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces have called suspicious and stressed that the attacks are planned by the United States itself to somehow justify the stay of US forces in Iraq. .

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