Popular mobilization operations against ISIS remnants in Iraq

The group said in a statement that the security and intelligence operation had begun on Al-Hadr Island in the western part of Ninawa province, between the Iraqi and Syrian borders, IRNA reported, quoting IRNA.

According to the report, the 25th and 44th Brigades of Al-Hashd Al-Shabi Forces, with the support of the First Battalion in the “Fighting Front”, carried out demining and clearing operations on Al-Hadr Island to find the wanted elements. [تروریست‌ها] they did.

The statement said that the 1st Battalion of the “Fighting Front” administration completed its mission on the first day and succeeded in destroying many training centers and hideouts of the ISIL terrorist group in western Algeria to the Syrian border.

Since the beginning of Ramadan this year, the ISIS terrorist group has carried out sporadic attacks in the north, west and east of the Iraqi capital in the provinces of Salah al-Din, Diyala and Anbar.

During this period, the ISIS terrorist group carried out operations, especially in the areas between the provinces of Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and Diyala, formerly known as the “Triangle of Death”.

Reacting to sporadic ISIL movements, a number of Iraqi political leaders have called for a review of security plans to counter the terrorist group, strengthen intelligence activities, control borders and destroy them, saying that these actions are motivated by the Americans to continue their presence in Iraq. The dormant nuclei of ISIS have become.