Positive and negative stock in an elementary hour

According to the economic news site, the stock market started its work today by increasing the supply of most large symbols and increasing the demand of most small symbols. So that the total and homogeneous index went in the opposite direction to each other and while the total index was facing a decrease of 10,000 units, the homogeneous index was going up.

Now, one hour after the start of trading, the overall equilibrium index has entered the positive range and we are witnessing positive suffering in most of the symbols of the index makers.

Refineries were among the first symbols to move from the negative range of 5 panels to the positive, and now, Shebandar has reached a price of 2946 Tomans with an increase of more than 4% and has exceeded the volume of 19 million transactions. Camels with a price of 1218 Tomans shows an increase of more than 3% and has traded 19 million shares. Shepna has grown by 1% and with a price of 1492 Tomans shows a trade of 109 million shares. Shabriz has a buyer with a price of 3220 Tomans and has registered a transfer of 8 million shares. In total, in the group of petroleum products, all symbols are traded in a positive orbit, except for #Shebhran and #Shapas, which are accompanied by a 2% drop.