Positive forecast of the future of the stock market + details

He said: “Smart people use the experiences of others, but today in the stock market, some stocks returned and went in a positive direction.” If shareholders had liquidity in their portfolios, they could fluctuate.

Ahmadi added: “The important point is that the beliefs that have formed in our minds are not created overnight, but must be worked on over time, so we must take advantage of their output.”

According to him; Some traders buy every day, which is not a good solution because they have to consider the general market conditions before buying. We need to consider several strategy models for ourselves and say that if the market is volatile, they should trade in one way and change the situation if the market is good.

“If we are a good analyst, we can buy the stock from the negative,” said the capital market analyst. Many of the sales queues that exist are valuable sales shares. We need to know that not every sales queue is bad, and if we are a good analyst, we buy shares from the sales queue and sell shares in the buying queue, which unfortunately most of the trades are reversed.

In response to the question of what shares we should buy, Ahmadi said: the share should be in an upward trend and have a good volume, and the buyers’ power should be OK on the board, and the indicators should be OK.

Capital market expert stated: In buying and selling shares in the capital market, the important point is that this market is similar to other markets, but in the capital market, the shares that have been reformed and are valuable shares should be bought, but the shares that There is still pressure on them not to buy. If they pay attention to this, the least there is is that there is very little loss and then they make a good profit.

Ahmadi emphasized: “Many of the single shares that exist in the market have these capabilities, instead of putting ten shares in our portfolio and not being able to direct them, work two or three shares well and excellently and in conditions Buy good profits and then get out of them with great profits.

He added: “If we have a strategy for volatile markets, we can use this market. The portfolio we want to see must be shaped.” One of the drawbacks of novice shareholders is that they constantly want to check the stock they are buying and do not pay attention to the fact that they have bought the stock for the long or medium term.

Ahmadi said: “When we buy a stock for long-term goals, it is better not to constantly check it, because then we have a certain peace of mind and market fluctuations do not have a negative and emotional impact on people and cause bad and hasty decisions.” It is not possible.

The capital market analyst said: “People who are trained first and then enter the capital market because they buy and sell with awareness, make very good profits and increase their capital, but people who buy unknowingly and out of market excitement and They sell, they make constant losses, and in the end they gain nothing but a loss of capital.

He said: “The best thing is for shareholders to form a team for themselves and work together to analyze different stocks, because in this case the amount of risks will be reduced and the power of analysis and trading will increase, and the loss ratio will be reduced and the amount Profits increase.

Ahmadi added: “In any team, if a few technical analysts, a number of panel readers and some are fundamental analysts, they can stop bad and untimely sales.” Because artificial intelligence will be on the market for a while and they will buy and sell for us.

The capital market expert said: “Currently, what is happening in the world and in Iran has affected our market and we are entering a gate that is very good for us and with the entry of Borjam and communication with the world, conditions will be better.” شد. Although some stocks have fallen due to the corona, with the advent of the corona wax, the market trend will soon be positive and many stocks will be in good condition.