Possible method of objecting to the Corona livelihood subsidy / reconsideration of those covered by the 100,000 Toman subsidy

According to Tejarat News, the occurrence of errors and mistakes in identifying the beneficiaries of government support schemes is not a new issue. Earlier, in the plan to grant justice shares, the Islamic Consultative Assembly announced that 20 million people had mistakenly received justice shares, and in return, some of the real beneficiaries remained behind.

In the cash subsidy scheme, some people had protests against their non-inclusion before, which were finally investigated through the SMS system and referring to a site announced by the government.

Contrary to the previous announcement, it seems that some people who have a fixed income have been given a subsidy and some people who claim to be eligible for this support have not been paid a subsidy.

The latest follow-ups of Trade News indicate that the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, while acknowledging the possibility of error, seeks to introduce a way to investigate these protests. Will take.

In addition, there is information about many members of the Relief and Welfare Committee and retirees in related institutions, and considering the deposits for some of the members of these institutions, it is possible that some of these institutions will be investigated. On the other hand, those who claim to be included in this plan will have to wait for the Ministry of Labor to announce the way of protest in the near future.

Will the SMS system or sites such as the welfare site be reactivated and will there be a possibility for the applicants to protest?

It was previously announced that households were eligible for a subsidy of 100,000 Tomans, none of whose family members received a salary, none of their family members were insurers, did not have a minimum income according to banking criteria, and received a subsistence subsidy.

Today, the public relations of the Ministry of Labor told Tejarat News: “There is a problem in the final identification of the applicants, which has caused the list of beneficiaries not to be determined.”

With this trend, it seems that it is still possible to reconsider the list of those eligible for the 100,000 Toman subsidy, and the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare will probably announce a new way to protest the list.

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