Prediction of 62% growth in sponge iron production of Baft steel complex in the year of production leap

The CEO of Baft Steel Rehabilitation Factory announced: According to the plans and production process, the production of this factory will reach a total of 792 thousand tons by the end of this year, which has a growth of 62% compared to the previous year. will be.

According to the economic observation and quoting the public relations of the Tourism Finance Group, Sorena Zamanian said: the amount of sponge iron production in the 8 months leading to the end of November this year reached 505 thousand and 654 thousand tons.

He added: considering the naming of this year as “production leap”, the record of monthly production this year in June 99 was equal to 75 thousand 224 tons and the daily record of this year was equal to 2 thousand 520 tons.

Regarding the implementation of Phase 2 of Baft Steel Complex, Zamanian stated: Phase 2 of Baft Steel Complex is being prepared and is expected to be operational by the end of 1401. At present, the average direct labor force in Phase 2 over the past two months is 143, the average indirect and staff labor force is 58, and the total number of contractor personnel is 201.

The report states: The permit for Phase 2 of Baft Steel has been issued and announced from steelmaking to the construction of 2 units, including a pelletizing plant with a capacity of 2.5 million tons and a direct reduction plant to produce 800,000 tons of new sponge iron.

Referring to the extraordinary meeting and the presence of shareholders at the highest level, Zamanian said: “In this meeting, it was decided that the shareholders would inject 22,000 billion rials from their cash and revenues from the factory for the second phase within three years.” Since the infrastructure of the No. 2 recovery plant is available, this financial injection can do the job well.

He added: In addition to its role in the development of the country’s steel industry, the Baft Steel Complex has provided employment for local specialists in the Baft region in Kerman province, so that 95% of Baft Steel’s manpower is among the youth and local specialists in this region and Baft cities. And rubber have been selected.

Baft Steel Steel Rehabilitation Factory is the largest and only large industrial complex in the region in the three cities of Baft, Rabar and Arzooieh, which was opened in the year of production boom (98).