Prevent osteoarthritis of the knee with this method

Aref Saeedi, a physiotherapist, said in an interview with a reporter from the Clinic of the Medical Science Group: “Osteoarthritis of the knee actually reduces the joint distance between the femur and the tibia when it begins with the destruction of the knee joint.” In fact, in osteoarthritis of the knee, the joint fluid, ligament and joint capsule are destroyed over time.

He added: “As mentioned, in osteoarthritis of the knee, the distance between the bones is reduced and this causes the bones to overlap over time. Increased bone abrasion; It also destroys cartilage and bones, leading to joint replacement.

The physiotherapist said: “It is recommended to take the issue of knee arthrosis seriously; Because lack of control in the initial stage will make this disorder more severe. Obesity is one of the worst aggravating factors in knee osteoarthritis. In fact a heavyweight; Losing 5 to 10 kg of weight can reduce the percentage of this disorder. If osteoarthritis of the knee is not taken seriously and reaches moderate to severe; It causes severe pain even in simple walks.

Saeedi said: in the complication of knee osteoarthritis, in addition to reducing the joint distance between the thigh and the leg, the patella of the knee also tends to the outside. In fact, one of the causes of osteoarthritis is the displacement of the patella to the outside of the foot. As much as the patella leans outwards; Abrasion of the patella under the cartilage increases and subsequently causes osteoarthritis.

He concluded: “It is recommended that those who suffer from patellar protrusion, be sure to see a physiotherapist to eliminate this disorder with appropriate exercises and strengthening the internal muscles of the knee; This is because it increases the risk of developing early osteoarthritis.

Source: Young Journalists Club