Price fluctuations in the mobile market on Eid night / Mobile prices became more expensive?

According to Tejarat News, in recent weeks, the mobile market has entered a downward trend and this decline in prices has continued until the Samsung Galaxy A 51 increased from 9 million Tomans in mid-February to 7 million and 600 thousand Tomans today; This fall in prices has reached a minimum during the last days of 1399 and mobile price fluctuations have been limited to a few hundred thousand tomans during this period, and yet some limited mobile models have continued to significantly reduce their prices during this period. And others have changed course during this time.

Among the types of Samsung Galaxy A71 mobile phones, this brand has experienced a slight price reduction today, from 9 million and 350 thousand tomans to 9 million and 49 thousand tomans today, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold has had price stability during this period, and This mobile phone has now reached the price of 42 million and 899 thousand Tomans, and in the meantime, but the price of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has continued to fall, and this mobile phone has increased from 21 million and 499 thousand Tomans today to 20 million and 899 thousand Tomans. it is arrived.

Among the models of Apple iPhone SE 2020, during this period, however, it has experienced significant price fluctuations, and while the trend of the mobile market has been decreasing during this period, this mobile phone has increased from 15 million and 300 thousand tomans today to 16 million and It has reached 800 thousand Tomans and during this period the price of iPhone 12 Promex has also increased and this mobile phone has reached 40 million and 899 thousand Tomans from 39 million Tomans today and the price of iPhone 12 has also increased during this period and this phone Hamrah has increased from 33 million Tomans to 34 million and 300 thousand Tomans today.

The daily prices of some best-selling mobile models are listed in the table below:

Source: Online News