Price of a newly built apartment up to 20 years built in Tehran + table

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting the world of economy, according to them, only a small group and a handful of sellers and buyers who are trying to provide liquidity for themselves or turn their liquidity into property are still present in the market.

They say the latest market activity is more visible in the central and southern parts of the city.

This group of applicants for more housing are looking to buy apartments that have been built for several years because they think that it is possible to buy more housing units at a reasonable price in this age group. Of course, builders who also insist on providing liquidity in the last few days of the year, to increase the chances of selling their property, will reduce the offer price to some extent. Among them are sellers who have given up selling in the face of rising inflation and are hoping to sell at the proposed price in the new year.

In today’s market pulse table, the bid price of newly built residential apartments up to 20 years old, which were filed yesterday, is presented.

These files, which are related to different areas of Tehran, show that there is a suitable and unconventional price offer in each neighborhood. So if buyers are bored and search a little more, they can make the right purchase.