Prices of dollars, euros and dirhams in different markets on Tuesday + table

According to Eghtesadnews, on Tuesday, the price of the free market dollar reached 25,800 tomans in the middle of the day and the price of the euro increased to 31,200 tomans.

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Currency prices in the organized currency market

The price of major dollars in the organized foreign exchange market on Tuesday morning, with an increase of 123 Tomans compared to Monday, was recorded at 25,372 Tomans and decreased to 25,340 Tomans in the middle of the day. The price of retail dollar (Senate) was first recorded at 25,626 Tomans this morning and then at 25,594 Tomans in the middle of the day.

The price of Euro in the organized market was initially announced as 30,590 Tomans this morning without any change compared to yesterday, but in the middle of the day it increased to 30,700 Tomans and the price of Euro Senna was first recorded as 30,895 Tomans and then in Half of the day was announced as 31 thousand and 7 tomans.

Prices of national exchange currencies

The price of the National Exchange Dollar was recorded this morning for the second day in a row without change compared to the closing price of 25,740 Tomans yesterday. The price of Euro National Exchange increased by 300 Tomans and reached 31 thousand and 500 Tomans.

Currency prices in the open market

The price of the dollar in the open market transactions on Tuesday morning had an upward trend and reached 25,800 tomans in the middle of the day, which is an increase of 150 tomans compared to the previous day. The price of Euro also increased by 100 thousand Tomans compared to the previous day and was traded at 31 thousand and 200 Tomans.

The price of Herat dollar also decreased by 200 Tomans and was exchanged at 25,700 after the uptrend yesterday.

The dirham price is also signaled by traders The price of the dollar They know that it was in the range of 7,180 tomans in Tuesday morning transactions.

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