Prices of licensed drugs in the country

Haidar Mohammadi in Tehran Radio Clinic Tehran program about the factors affecting the price medicine He said: part of the drugs are imported and part is domestically produced. One hundred percent domestically produced drugs are not very much affected by the price of the currency, but drugs that require some of their raw materials need to be affected by an increase or decrease in the price of the currency. The producer who receives the currency of 4200 Tomans, that is, has received a subsidy equal to one sixth of the dollar rate.

He further added: to the raw material of domestically produced drugs Currency 4200 Tomans It is given, but the imported drugs receive 4200 Tomans on the condition that they do not have domestic counterparts, and only three percent of our drugs are not licensed and do not have domestic counterparts. Therefore, only these three percent of imported drugs receive 4200 Tomans.

“We have to import insulin and give it government currency,” said the director general of the Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health, noting that only 10 percent of patients’ insulin is produced domestically. The price of free insulin is one fifth of the real rate because it is imported with 4200 Tomans.

He said about Plavix: “The generic name of this drug is clopidogrel and many domestic pharmaceutical companies produce it in bulk, which is enough for the needs of the country.” Of course, Plavix is ​​also produced in the country, but because there is a similar one in the country; The granules of this drug are imported with free currency, as the free currency has increased from 11 to 30 thousand tomans in the last one year, the price of Plavix has also increased. During this period, the company has offered several prices.

Heidari asked patients: If they do not have a problem, they should use domestic samples with lower prices and insurance coverage, because in order to support the domestic producer, many raw materials of government currency cannot be allocated.

The director general of drugs and substances controlled by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health said about domestically produced drugs that have increased in price: Insurance covers the lowest price of drugs but insurance sources do not allow licensed drugs like Plavix because Be covered by insurance. Importing companies have to source their raw materials from a foreign manufacturer. Those who say that overseas pharmacies are selling Sanofi’s Plavix cheaper want to document these issues.

“Our pricing is definitely lower,” he added. In the “Cass Plus” method, we prepare the costs of the company and then price based on it. In the “Reference Plus” method, the price of the drug is inquired in reference countries such as Turkey and Greece, and from 60 to 80% of the price of this Countries give prices. Therefore, medicines are cheaper in our country than in other countries. The price list of these drugs is also available on international drug pricing sites.

Mohammadi pointed out: “Despite the increase in the price of some drugs, insulin has not only not increased in price but has also decreased in price.” The price of insulin was about 35 thousand and 700 and after urgent import, its price reached about 30 thousand tomans. Some of the domestic insulins that entered the country through a tender were distributed at a price of 18,900 Tomans. Consumption of this type of insulin has increased due to the fact that patients all over the world have moved from vial insulin to pen insulin.

He added: the import of pen insulin in the country has increased. Currently, insulin quotas have been distributed to selected state-owned pharmacies for January and February. Two new pharmaceutical factories are also setting up a production line to produce pen insulin, which, God willing, will be produced by three factories next year.