Pride 26 million in the market!

According to Tejarat News, the year 1399 was the end of the production of all types of Pride except Pride pickup. Therefore, there is no news of Pride of the Year in 1400. You can see the first price of this car in the market during the year 1400 in the price report of Pride on the first of Farvardin 1400.

Although the price of Pride 111 models in 1999 reaches 123 million Tomans, but in the list of the cheapest advertised Pride models, the price of 26 million Tomans can also be seen.

Pride Cashier with 220,000 km of operation has been advertised at a price of 26 million Tomans.

In another ad, the cashier Pride with 400,000 kilometers of operation has been sold at a price of 27 million Tomans.

Pride model 78 with a price of 29 million Tomans or Pride cashier model 82 with 222 thousand kilometers worked and the price of 29 million Tomans is also considered as another cheap Pride ads.

Pride cash register with 115 thousand kilometers of operation has been sold for 30 million Tomans.

These ads are in fact the cheapest Pride cars on sale, but apart from these, Pride car has worked in various price ranges from 30 million Tomans up to 123 million Tomans can be seen in the Pride 111 model.

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