Problems of distribution of livestock inputs were solved

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Abbas Ghobadi in the meeting of the market regulation working group described the trend of changing the prices of basic goods as stable and said: It turns out that there is a good change in the banking system.

He also said that the process of customs clearance has become normal, adding that the exit of goods in ports will be shipped to destinations sooner, and as a result, there has been relative stability in the market in recent weeks. Reports also indicate relative stability in the supply and demand of petrochemical products.

Referring to the problems of providing import currency for products such as butter, the official clarified: Korea imports have increased from 50,000 tons to 5 tons and red meat imports from more than 800,000 tons to less than 100,000 tons per year. Which shows the growth of production in the country.

Ghobadi also said that in recent weeks there have been problems in the production and supply of eggs, adding that in order to increase the production of day-old chicks, differences have been resolved and final decisions have been made on the number of production.

He added: The issue of Eid fruit is also on the agenda.

These statements are made while the price of each kilogram of hot chicken in retail stores in Tehran has reached more than 30,000 Tomans since the beginning of December. Meanwhile, at the end of October, the Tehran Province Market Regulation Working Group had approved the price of 20,400 tomans per kilogram of hot chicken. Finally, with the supply of market-regulated chicken from the beginning of last week, the price of chicken in retail stores in Tehran reached 22 to 24 thousand and 900 Tomans.

Also, despite the fact that according to the approval of the Market Regulation Headquarters, the price of each 30-ounce egg comb with a cold chain must be 31 thousand Tomans, in recent weeks this product has been offered more expensive than the approved price and the price of each egg comb in retail It is 40 thousand tomans, but in some shops this price is about 2000 tomans more or less.