Prohibit the sale of remittances for banana import / banana import!

According to Tejarat News, the price of bananas is rising on a weekly basis. Importers also say that the reason for the high price of bananas is the purchase and sale of banana remittances by brokers. Five months have passed since August, and the price of bananas in the middle of the summer season was 14,000 tomans, while today the price of each kilogram of bananas has reached 40,000 tomans.

Market participants are not responsible for the high price of bananas. According to the head of the fruit sellers’ union, the price of bananas is expensive. Fruit sellers are just like consumers. This means that people buy two kilos of bananas for their needs, while sellers buy two tons of bananas from importers to meet the needs of the people.

Is the reason for the high price of bananas related to the cessation of banana imports? “Bananas are available in the market,” Assadullah Kargar told Tejarat News. As importers say, the registration of banana orders has become difficult and the reason for the high price of bananas is related to supply and demand.

The head of the fruit sellers’ union said: “Our criticism as consumers is that the price of goods from the source is expensive and this has nothing to do with the high price of trade units.” Certainly importers, farmers and sellers have professions about this that should be examined.

Banana importers are licensed by sellers

In this regard, the president of the National Union of Agricultural Products told Tejaratnews: “Some people have a license to import bananas and sell licenses.” Without importing themselves, the import license for each kilo of bananas in the ports reaches four to five thousand tomans.

Seyed Reza Nourani further stated: This is the cause of the false price of bananas in the consumer market. If they really oppose the import of bananas, ban the import of bananas so that the importers are not caught by the licenses of the sellers.