Proper post-bank service has increased the trust of the villagers

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations of Post Bank of Iran, Abbasi in a meeting with Tahmour Eliassy, ​​member of the board, Alireza Vahed, director of provincial and marketing, Seyed Rahman Hosseinpour, head of the bank’s public relations department, stated: Post Bank of Iran It has a good future and will become one of the strongest banks.

Abbasi added: “Infrastructure and equipment of Iran Post Bank in rural areas should be provided for the development of banking services so that it can compete and gain more public trust.” In fact, public trust is the best asset that both directs the resources of the villagers to this bank and meets their banking needs.

The governor of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, while thanking Dr. Shiri, CEO of Post Bank of Iran, for selecting Alireza Shojaei as the director of the province’s branches as an educated, experienced and popular force, said: “We are definitely by his side and will help develop the province’s post bank.”

Eliassy in this meeting, while pointing to the capabilities, capabilities and brave capacities, emphasized the governor’s support for the provincial post bank and added: this bank is a development and specialized bank in the field of information technology and supports natural and legal persons, especially ICT companies, startups and Knowledge-based as well as the custodian of the development and prosperity of the rural economy and micro-banking in low-income areas.

He added: “The current position of Post Bank of Iran is very suitable and its situation has become profitable and even compensates part of the accumulated losses of previous years and has a lot of capacity.” Its structure is based on the model of successful international international banks such as Germany, the Netherlands and France and provides good services.

Eliassy said: “Post Bank of Iran, based on operational plans and the preparation of a strategic document, has drawn a clear vision for its future and needs more support.” Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province is expected to be a service development pilot and we will do our best to support the villages. Of course, we request that the resources of the province’s rural districts be transferred to the bank counters.

A member of the board of directors of Post Bank of Iran stated: The main indicator and purpose of equipping the resources of this bank to pay more facilities to the needy is in the form of counters to help create employment. We are following the development of services seriously and valuable achievements have been achieved.

Alireza Vahedpour, Director of Provincial Affairs and Marketing of Post Bank of Iran, said at the meeting: “This bank, as a pioneer bank in the digital economy with more than 6,500 bank counters in rural areas, has good capacities to serve and its approach is rural.”

He added: “The policy of the senior managers of this bank is to develop banking services in the villages, especially electronic banking, and we expect that the resources of the villages will be transferred to the rural counters of the province so that it can help the rural economy.”