Providing Mobarakeh Steel Torque Calibration Laboratory services to other industries

According to the economic observation and quoting public relations, this matter was stated by the calibration and instrumentation expert of Mobarakeh Steel Company and added: The instrumentation and calibration laboratories of Mobarakeh Steel Company are one of the first certified laboratories and partners of the National Standards Organization of Iran. Since 1378, he has obtained a laboratory certification license.

Mojtaba Eklili, pointing out that the national and international standard 17025 ISO / IEC, in 1384, in the field of management system of calibration laboratories and in two parts of management and technical requirements has been developed, said: Calibration at the level of Iran succeeded in obtaining the certification license based on the standard 17025 ISO / IEC from the certification system of Iran, affiliated to the National Standard Organization of Iran, for a period of three years and after that, it has continuously succeeded in renewing this license. It is based on the technical and managerial requirements of the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI).

He added: “Before 1397, the calibration laboratory was licensed in the fields of temperature, pressure, electrical and length and dimensions. According to the needs of Mobarakeh Steel in the field of torque calibration, the calibration laboratory has accurate and up-to-date facilities, including less reference in scope Nm 30 to 1500 Nm was equipped to meet the calibration needs of the company.

The calibration and instrumentation expert of Mobarakeh Steel Company said about the importance of the capabilities of this laboratory: “The purpose of establishing the torque calibration laboratory was to take a step towards achieving the high goals of the organization.” These goals include continuous improvement of activities and work processes, gaining satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers, as well as development of services by creating an environment based on learning and innovation.

Eklili further reminded: In March 2017, by the experienced auditors of the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI), affiliated to the National Standards Organization of Iran, in two parts: managerial and technical requirements, focusing on quality assurance of results, validation of methods, service and maintenance Reference measuring instruments and intermediate control of equipment and topics related to customer satisfaction were performed and torque calibration calibrators were added to the laboratory certification license.

Referring to the current activity of the Torque Laboratory as a standard and reference laboratory in the field of calibration, he stated: “We can proudly claim that some of the services of this laboratory are unique at the national level due to its quality features.”

Eklili, while pointing to the benefits obtained after the launch of the torque laboratory, announced the possibility of calibration of reference devices in this laboratory and reminded: increasing the scope of application of the laboratory as a result of the efforts and cooperation of instrumentation and calibration staff of Mobarakeh Steel Technical services and support, technical inspection management, automation and instrumentation, and building repair unit are centralized repair management.