Public Relations Strategies and Tactics published

“This book can be considered as the newest book in the field of public relations,” Dr. Mohammad Reza Haghighi, the translator of the book, told IRNA.

He added: “Public relations has become a global industry and in this book we tried to acquaint public relations managers with these tactics.”

The professor and lecturer in the field of communication continued: “This book wants to explain why public relations should be considered as a strategic task and how this function can be done in the most effective way.”

“Haghighi” added: “The strategic role of public relations in the organization in today’s world is accepted without any doubt.”

He added: “Today, public relations at the strategic and senior levels of the organization and the public relations broker are within the leadership team of the organization or the board of directors because public relations is basically a strategic management or plays a key role in the strategic management of the organization.

According to him, public relations can increase the commitment and trust of people and help them make the right decisions to provide better services.

This book has been published by the University Jihad Organization and has been provided to the managers of the field of communications and the media, as well as activists in the field of public relations of the country.

“Mohammad Reza Haghighi” is one of the pioneers in the field of communications and public relations of the country, and the chairmanship of the Iranian Public Relations Association can be seen in his work record.