Publication of a book about Ahmadinejad’s bodyguard

Some people are not brigades, they are personalities. These people are not alike and therefore cannot be predicted.

According to ISNA, “Vatan-e-Amrooz” newspaper further wrote: The main character of the book “Bodyguard” is from this group of people; A human being who is both violent and serious, and ruthless and witty. A person who becomes so serious at work that everyone counts on him, and when he rests, the same person laughs at others so much that they short of breath. A person who sometimes becomes so cruel that his jokes with his brother and friend take on the color and smell of torture, and sometimes so hard-hearted that he becomes the mother of all the cats on the street. His courage is so great that if he is released, he will go into the lion’s mouth, and the same man sometimes spends hours talking to the fish in his aquarium. All these qualities are gathered in one person; In the character of Abdullah Bagheri and has turned him into a group of opposites.

Abdullahi, who is promised to come to his mother in his sleep and wakefulness: “Your skirt will turn green” and his name will be mentioned to his mother in the dream of his martyr sister in their neighborhood. Abdullah, who is protected from childhood. The protector of his parents and brothers, then the protector of the president and his wife and children and even his friends and comrades. Many are under his protection and he has them all under his wing and jump.

Abdullah Bagheri was one of the guards of the Ansar Protection Corps who, due to his high personal abilities, high decision-making power and very good speed of action, was responsible for protecting the first executive person of the country, the President, for many years and his presence with the President made him a familiar face did. This caused his house to become a branch of the presidential office, and neighbors, friends and acquaintances handed over their letters to him and followed up on their requests. Abdullah, who, despite his financial hardship, never took advantage of his special job opportunity. Abdullah’s difference in his work with the protection of presidents in other countries was obvious. If in public meetings and provincial trips in the crowd he shakes hands with someone or inadvertently pushes someone, he would appear and apologize to him and seek redress, while the bodyguards of presidents in other countries in times of population pressure violently People are beaten and scattered.

The book “Bodyguard” is a description of love; Mother and father’s love for their child, brother’s love for his brother, wife’s love for her husband, child’s love for her father, love for her friend, love for her friend and love for a human being for a purpose. Abdullah was the beloved of Aba Abdullah (AS) and for this reason he went to Syria to protect the sanctuary of Hazrat Zainab (AS) and in the development of 1394 – after unparalleled bravery in Kafr Obaid who later changed his name to Haj Haj Abdullah in his honor – He was martyred.

This affection made the whole ceremony of Abdullah symmetrical with the ceremony of Imam Hussein (AS) and his name will remain in history forever.

The book “Bodyguard” by Afrooz Mahdian, the life story of the martyr who defended the shrine of Abdullah Bagheri, has been published in 248 pages by Fatah Narration Publications and has been made available to the audience.

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