Purification of cartilaginous fish with scaly fish / Announcement of the implementation of the second phase of targeted subsidies / Announcement of real estate tax details

According to Eqtesadnews, the repetition of mistakes is the product of ignorance. If we know the past, we may learn from it and not repeat and experience the wrong paths. One of the areas that the time machine can travel to is the economy, Iran’s economy in half a century. The past, like other areas of social life, has faced many ups and downs.

Similar events have taken place in the Iranian economy and different decisions have been made for it, but it seems that we are facing the same results. “In half a century with the Iranian economy” We review the important economic news of Iran and the world. This article is published under the title of half a century with the Iranian economy. During the study of the economic history of the last five decades, we may encounter important and effective events, and we also publish these news and events. Due to the 90-year history of a strong archive and a purely news-based approach, the information newspaper is reflected in the basic events of this study.

First January 1350; Announcement of official exchange rates after four days

After refusing to publish the list of official exchange rates for four days, the Central Bank announced the official buying and selling rates of currencies this morning after being informed of the latest developments in the world’s major stock exchanges.

  • One US dollar 76.50 Rials
  • One British pound 197.50 Rials
  • One French franc 14.70 Rials
  • A West German brand 23.65 Rials

Insurance paid 45 tomans

Statistics on the receipts and payments of various insurances show that new insurances were unprofitable last year, but overall insurance companies still benefit.

Insurance companies had an additional collection of 250 million Rials in the previous year, but the growth of payments was more than the collection growth because in the same year, 450 million Rials more damages were paid to the insured.

This statistic shows that in 49, about 3 billion and 200 million rials were received by insurance companies and insurance companies in total, and out of this figure, 1 billion and 550 million rials were paid in damages.

1 دی 1360; Announce real estate tax details

The Deputy Minister of Tax Revenues of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance said: “According to Article 85 of the Constitution, the bill was handed over by the Islamic Consultative Assembly to the Joint Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Program and Budget Organization, which approved it.”

Mohammad Ghasem Mohammadian added: In cases where a property has been purchased after 1948 and the transaction value is stated in the document, in this case for sale, a tax will be collected based on the difference in transaction value, for example, if a property is bought for 100 thousand Tomans and 150 thousand Tomans Sell.

The difference between these two figures is subject to tax, which according to Article 134 up to the amount of 40 thousand Tomans 15%, from 40 to 60 thousand Tomans a surplus of 40 thousand Tomans 180% and from 40 to 80 thousand Tomans a surplus of 20% and so on exponentially. It goes up based on the value of the property.

And in cases where it has no transaction value, ie the property was owned before the year 48, taxes are collected based on the same 2% of the total value of the property.

Purification of cartilaginous fish with scaly fish

Assadollah Hazratzad, Chairman and CEO of Northern Fisheries Company, said about his recent trip to European countries: “I had a mission from the Supreme Economic Council in the field of currency issues and to sign a contract for the sale of caviar to European countries, after which I traveled to France and West Germany.” Negotiations were held with the mentioned countries regarding the sale of caviar and various types of cartilaginous and scaly fish. During this trip, fortunately, contracts were concluded according to which Iran will export about 50 to 55 tons of caviar to the mentioned countries annually. It was decided that in exchange for the export of this type of fish, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran would introduce halal scaly fish in pure transactions.

1.9% inflation in November 1981

The Economic Statistics Office of the Central Bank of Iran announced the price index of consumer goods and services in urban areas of Iran in November 1981 as follows: The price index of consumer goods and services in urban areas of Iran in November 1981 increased by 1.9 percent compared to October. Rising prices of most food items, especially rice, grains, meats, vegetables, nuts, food in restaurants and public places, dairy products and foreign tea were among the most important factors contributing to this increase.

During the first 8 months of this year, the price index of consumer goods and services increased by an average of 24.2% compared to the same period last year. Compared to November of the previous year, this index shows a 21.2% increase.

1 دی 1370; Start of construction of the largest foundry in Esfarayen

The executive operation of two large projects of foundry and forging factory of heavy parts and science and technology training center of Esfarayen city started with the presence of Nejad Hosseinian, Minister of Heavy Industries.

This complex annually produces 250,000 tons of steel and cast iron parts and forged and rolled steel sections, the products of which will be used to supply steel and cast iron materials and parts for existing industries and ongoing industrial projects, as well as for export. .

1 دی 1380; From next week, the currency of European countries will be “Euro”

The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced in a statement: The country’s banks are ready to convert European countries’ currencies into “Euros” from 11 December this year. The Central Bank denied the news published in the Iranian newspaper with the headline “Iranian holders of European currencies have the opportunity to convert their currency into Euros only today”, as stated in the bank’s announcement dated 2/8/80 in the mass media. The minimum period for converting European currency banknotes into euros is set at the Central Bank of the European Monetary Union for 10 years.

1 دی 1390; Announcing the implementation of the second phase of targeted subsidies

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced the most important news of this year’s subsidies, not on the anniversary of the implementation of the targeted law, but on a provincial trip. The president, who was in Varamin, announced that the second phase of targeted subsidies would be implemented in the remaining months of 1990. He said: “The government intends to provide all subsidies to the people in the next two or three steps, and God willing, this year it will implement the second step of targeted subsidies and put the” right of the people “in” their own pockets “. Ahmadinejad also warned the “inflammers” and “rumor mongers” and added: “We must all be vigilant against these rumors.” Nothing special has happened and the country’s economy is stable and calm.

The dollar apartment lights went out

The dollar exchange rate reached 1530 tomans in the last two days in the open market. This is while at the same time last year, the value of the dollar was about 1000 tomans. This sharp fluctuation, which has also existed in recent weeks, has now caused a slump in the dollar rental market for apartments.

As the brokers of this apartment say; Foreign applicants have left the rental market after learning of the rising dollar in Iran.

The Neighbourhood

Area (square meters)

Monthly rent (USD)

ظفر – افشار



Southern Kamaraniyeh



الهیه – شریفی‌منش






Shahrak-e Gharb – Iran-Land



Aqdasiyah – Ghasemi



Dibaji South






The government’s plan to manage the foreign exchange market will be announced soon

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance in a meeting with MPs about the problems in the foreign exchange market, emphasizing that the government does not have a deliberate plan to increase the exchange rate in the market, said: “The government plan to manage the market will be announced soon.”

Shamsuddin Hosseini said about the possible figure considered by the government for the dollar in the market: I can not say the number, because according to market conditions, a decision will be made in this regard.

Cold welcome to coin dealers

With the dismantling of the cash coin buying queues from behind in the coin-selling branches of Bank Melli, the pre-sale of coins for delivery in the next 4 months began on December 20th.

Field reports from Bank Melli branches show that, contrary to expectations, the project has not been well received, and Bank Melli officials have not yet released statistics on the pre-sale. Meanwhile, contrary to what was initially announced by some sources, the pre-sale of coins in the Central Bank announced that the National Bank not only did not comply with the 20% guarantee at the time of registration, but the total amount of 546 thousand Tomans for the pre-sale of each coin. Received together.