Purification of foreign buses with Iranian oil

According to Tejarat News, Tehran Governor Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandipi announced that the Interior Minister was pursuing the import of buses into the country with oil purification.

According to him, good things are happening in public transportation. The Minister of the Interior is pursuing to bring buses into the country through the sale of oil. It was also decided to purchase bus parts from abroad and provide them to the country’s bus factories so that these factories can supply and build buses.

He, of course, described the purchase of buses from domestic manufacturers as another ongoing program to equip Tehran’s public transport fleet, saying: “Many measures are being taken to equip public transport, but the fact is that perhaps this Measures will no longer meet our needs for another two to three quarters; Therefore, for this period, it is planned to provide 100 buses from the IRGC to the bus fleet of Tehran. “Preparations have been made for this, and we hope that these buses will be delivered to the fleet soon.”

In another part of his speech, the governor of Tehran said about the situation of coronary heart disease in the suburbs of Tehran: If we see the level of health literacy, we should be concerned about the situation in those areas. “Of course, health centers in these areas also have health bases, and these areas are also covered by medical universities, and mobile bases have also been established in these areas.”

He continued: “We do our best so that everyone living in Tehran province is registered in the apple system and measures are being taken to determine all members of the province’s population, whether they live in the cities, towns and villages of the province, or who “Who are located in the outskirts of the province, can register in the apple system.”

The governor of Tehran assessed the conditions of corona control in the province as a positive trend and said: “Good measures have been taken so far to reduce and control the disease. Fortunately, both the hospitalization rate and the mortality rate are drastically decreasing. “On Yalda night, it can help perpetuate the positive actions that have been taken so far.”

Source: CitizenOnline