Qeshm hosts mountain meteorological workshop

According to Borna, Jalil Haghgooyan, Director of Sports and Youth of Qeshm Free Zone Organization, announced the news: “Considering the welcome of those interested in training courses in the field of mountaineering and mountaineering, this course aims to become more familiar with the weather conditions, situation Atmosphere and emphasis on the importance of meteorology are designed and maintained when preparing itineraries.

Referring to the educational topics in this workshop, he added: This course lasts for eight hours and describes four topics, including; Meteorology, meteorological committees, weather and climate hazards and mountain weather forecasts.

According to Haghgovian, the instructor of this course, Mohsen Hasheminejad is one of the most prominent professors of the country’s federation in the field of meteorology, who teaches various concepts to the participants.

Director of Sports and Youth of Qeshm Free Zone Organization continued: Mountain meteorological training workshop with the capacity of accepting 30 interested people will be held on 11 December in full compliance with the health protocols announced by the National Corona Headquarters and the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

It should be noted that those interested in participating in the meteorological workshop can contact WhatsApp 09175500090 for more information and registration.