Quality improvement of three commercial products of Iran Khodro

According to Borna, quoting Iran Khodro, the CEO of Iran Khodro Diesel, stating this news, said: products such as wagon truck hood with an increase in quality level from two to three stars, photon killer from three to four stars and Arian minibus from two To three stars, they managed to shine the company’s record in the year of production jump.
Javad Tavassoli Mehr, referring to Iran Khodro Diesel’s commitment of about two thousand billion Tomans to the market, said: At present, 1,500 wagon hoods, 215 buses and a number of minibuses and vans are in the production program. In the last eight months, about 750 wagon hoods have been produced. To meet the commitments due by the end of this year, we must achieve 400% growth in our production.
He stated that with the cohesion that has been created among all diesel employees, 358 wagon hoods were produced in December of this year, adding: “This figure is almost equal to 50% of the production of this product in the last eight months and is a big leap in Iran Khodro.” Diesel has happened.
The CEO of Iran Khodro Diesel, noting that the production of buses, which had been suspended for eight years, has been re-launched and the production of this product has been resumed since December of last year, said: “Following this action, the planning of which began last year.” And in July of this year, significant commitments were made in the area of ​​city buses. This event caused Iran Khodro Diesel to experience economic prosperity and to be prominent among domestic manufacturers.
He stated that the production of Iran Khodro Diesel in the field of buses is in a better situation than its competitors, noting: So far, we have received orders to produce about 648 buses. Of these, 215 units will be delivered by the end of the year. At present, about 85 units of this number are produced and 79 units are commercialized and some of them have been delivered to the Organization of Municipalities and Villages of different cities of the country, including Tehran.
Tavassoli Mehr stated that next year, with the plans made, the daily production of buses will increase by about 100% compared to this year, and specified: In the field of used and custom vehicles, we had good negotiations with the country’s emergency organization to produce ambulances. It is set to meet the needs of about 2,100 ambulances of this organization. Negotiations are also underway to produce 20 mobile hospitals for one of the medical centers, and we are following up to arrange and sign a contract for it.