Rabiee: We are becoming a team / Rafsanjan copper has been oppressed

The head coach of Rafsanjan Copper said: “We are becoming a team and the club has completely dedicated itself to the team achieving its goal.”

According to ISNA, Mohammad Rabiee said before his team’s match against Sepahan: Sepahan is one of the most valuable teams in the Premier League and we also tried to improve our quality process and we are becoming a team and the club as a whole Dedicate yourself to the team achieving its goal. The game is very important and I am sure the team is in good mental and physical condition. Due to pressure, a few weeks ago, we asked for the game to be delayed by 24 hours, but we did not agree. We obey and respect this story, but our grievance stands because Rafsanjan copper has been oppressed in recent weeks.

He continued: “In these two or three weeks, we did not have that much training and we only have recovery and we had a lot of forced substitutions during the match because our team has a lot of traffic and the distance between its games is shorter.” We have a series of hardware problems because we are constantly moving from artificial grass to nature, but we try to overcome this problem tactfully. Insha’Allah, fairness should be observed in planning the competitions for Rafsanjan copper.

The head coach of Rafsanjan Copper said about their two consecutive victories in the last two weeks: “We are here for the fans and we ended the longing of 14.15 years for this team to enter the Premier League, but our goal should not be lost and we should know what to look for in the new season.” We are something. With that in mind, we devised arrangements and prepared ourselves for the Premier League. In some games, our team did not have a bad trend, but we could not get full points from them or get points. The quality trend of our team was clear and showed that we are working on this team. I invited everyone to be patient and said that good days will come.

He continued: “Our goal is to keep this team in the Premier League and to achieve a respectable and dignified rank.” All the teams that are structurally experienced in the Premier League and have found their place in this league, and we, as a team that is experiencing its first year, are moving forward and we may have a lot of fluctuations. Rafsanjan Copper has shown so far that it is a good, respectable and strong team. This team can be hoped for.

Rabiee added in the end: “We have special measures to play with Sepahan and we have to see which of our plans will come to fruition.” While we do not have one or two of our main players due to injuries, we hope that the team will be able to cope with the game and that all people will see a beautiful game and good things will happen to us.

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