Rahmani-Fazli’s presence in the parliament; The deputies were not satisfied with the minister’s answers

Fars / The spokesman of the Parliamentary Councils Commission, referring to the presence of Rahmani Fazli in this commission, said: The answers of the Minister of Interior were not convincing.

Online triangle analytical news site:

Ali Haddadi, spokesman for the Internal Affairs Commission of the Councils of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, explained the details of the commission’s meeting this evening (Tuesday, January 30): Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli attended the commission and answered a number of questions from the deputies.
He added: Eight questions were asked by 6 representatives of the Minister of Interior.
The spokesman of the Parliamentary Councils Commission said: “One of the questions related to Ahmadi Beighsh was the representative of Shazand, who was not satisfied after the Minister’s answer and it was decided to refer this question to the public and determine whether it is national or regional.” Specify the commission.