Rambod Javan’s first wife + wife photo

Marriage and divorce of celebrities has always been a fascinating and controversial issue for ordinary people. With the rise of social media, the news of the private lives of celebrities has received a lot of attention. However, this attention may not be to the liking of some stars like the young Rambod! The artist whose news of his separation from Sahar Dolatshahi and his marriage to Negar Javaherian led to one of the most controversial topics on social media, and again made his private life the first news of some media. The whisper that is heard in private circles and cyberspace these days is that the young Rambod and Negar Javaherian are separated.

Where does the rumor of the separatist and Rambod come from?

Some people who observe artists in public and artistic places say that the young Rambod has not been seen with Negar Javaherian for some time, and the same words and hadiths have fueled the rumor that the two have not been connected yet, they have separated! Others, however, believe that their marriage is still going strong, and they have chosen to appear less in public or post a shared photo on Instagram in order to avoid rumors and troublesome fringes.

Another argument made by some for the disagreement between the jeweler Javaherian and the young Rambod over cohabitation is the decline of the new series of Khandvaneh. Yes, you read that right. The fall of the new family series is considered by some compatriots as a confirmation of the rumors of the separation of this famous couple. They say that the young Rambod is not fresh and energetic these days, and this has reduced the quality of his work in the family program.

What were the reactions to the news of the couple’s separation?

Of course, this news has not yet been confirmed by any reliable source. Some media outlets have considered the news of the separation to be nothing more than a rumor and a lie, but on social networks such as Twitter, a fierce battle has erupted between the supporters of this news and its opponents.

Young Rambod and Negar Javaherian have not yet reacted to the wave that this news has started. But photos of the young Rambod and Negar Javaherian appeared behind the scenes of the theater, which were expected to put an end to the rumors; But it seems that the excitement of this rumor is so great that it is not over yet.

What was the story of the young Rambod’s previous divorce?

Young Rambod, who married Mandana Rouhi in the 1970s, divorced her after living together for several years. The young man married Sahar Dolatshahi a few years later at the age of 36. In 1993, whispers of the young Rambod’s separation from Sahar Dolatshahi were heard on social networks and sites, but this news came true after a while.

In the same days, the young Rambod, who was the guest of some of the live program of some of the third channel of Sima with the performance of Ali Zia, said in a part of the program in response to the host’s question that asked him to explain about his personal and marital life (divorce): As a resistance behavior against this kind of excitement to know my personal life, I declare quite rightly in front of everyone that I do not like to talk about my private life on the national media.

If I wanted to talk, I lived on the street instead of at home. I do not want anyone to ask me questions about my private life. My life is mine. We have to wait and see if the host and producer of Khondavaneh will finally react to this news or not.

End of rumor

The couple posted a photo on their personal Instagram pages that shows them together and among the charitable children of Behesht Imam Reza (AS), and in the photo, they tagged each other. The young Rambod also said in a comment below the same post that “I hope by seeing this photo, you will understand that divorce was nothing more than a rumor.”

Many users believe that this move was a tooth-breaking response to the people who rumored about this successful couple these days. Other users also said that it is better for everyone to be more careful in their lives instead of gossiping. Many users also expressed regret that they were involved in spreading and spreading this rumor. Of course, it goes without saying that a few people are still on their rumors and said that this photo is old because everyone is wearing summer clothes and short sleeves.


Short biography

Rambod Javan, born on January 22, 1981 in Tehran, is an actor and performer. She did not continue her education until graduation and has an older sister named Poopak. His family is originally from Tabriz and is Turkish-speaking. He has been married three times and divorced or divorced twice! His full name is Rambod Javan Tabrizi and he was born in Shahr-e-Ara neighborhood of Tehran.

My mother is my nurse

“I had Grandmother Mary who raised me, old lady Larry with long skirts that had smallpox, we loved each other very much, God bless her then my parents were at work and Grandmother Mary was beating from morning to night and I “I jumped up and down!” Everything was very enjoyable, maybe it was the result of those days when I was happy to choose from somewhere.


Start and fame

He started his artistic career in the theater. With the introduction of Farhad Jam, Rambod Javan played in an episode of the series Wives, then Bijan Birang (director) liked his play and invited him to play in the Green House with Khosrow Shakibaei in 1996. This series was his launching pad for fame and continuation. It was an artistic activity, his presence in the series Velayat-e-Eshgh in the role of Amin Abbasi and the series Magic Coat made his face very popular.

First marriage

The young man married Mandana Rouhi, an artist like him, in the 1970s, and the wedding sermon was delivered by then-President Seyyed Mohammad Khatami. However, only a few years later, their married life reached a dead end and they divorced.


Second marriage

The young Rambod married Sahar Dolatshahi on March 18, 2009. The story of Rambod and Sahar’s acquaintance also started from a theatrical play, Dolatshahi was a member of the Pesyani theater group and through that he married her with a young suitor, but this connection finally ended in separation six years later in 2014.

Third marriage

Two years after Ms. Dolatshahi’s divorce, photos of Rambod Javan and Negar Javaherian’s intimate relationship spread rumors, and of course it took a long time for Rambod Javan and Negar Javaherian to implicitly reveal their marriage. According to their friends, they were officially married in Greece in 1995, and the two are also collaborating on a family program.

Dedicated to my wife

“The filmmaker was the best gift to my wife, Negar Javaherian,” the young Rambod said in an interview after the press conference of his film, Negar.

Lack of interest in football

“I was so lively and excited as a child, but I do not know why I was never interested in football. “This interest did not develop in me later, even though I have few football friends. I could never show myself as a football fan!”