Ramzinx, an Iranian exchange for everyone

Buy And Sell Digital currencies Bitcoin, in particular, has been in the news for some time, not only in Iran but also in other countries of the world, and many users have entered this field. There are different ways to buy and sell digital currencies, but in Iran you have no other choice but to buy from foreign exchange offices or domestic exchange offices.

Ramzinx, as an Iranian exchange and has a multi-year reputation in this field, can be the best option for new users or professional traders for various reasons. We will talk more about this later.

Why should we buy digital currency from domestic exchange offices?

Many foreign exchange offices have restricted users from entering Iran and will block their accounts if identified, but there are ways to circumvent these sanctions that are only recommended for more professional people.

Currently, most Iranian traders use Bainance Exchange by changing their IP. The exchange, which is the largest digital currency exchange in the world, supports more than hundreds of digital currencies and has the highest volume of transactions among all exchanges.

According to Iranian traders, the best way to top up your account in a foreign exchange is to first buy Bitcoin, Tetra, Light Coin or any other digital currency from an Iranian exchange, and then charge your account by transferring it to a foreign exchange. .

So in any case, whether you are a novice or a professional trader, using an Iranian exchange and of course a reputable one can help you. Domestic exchange offices are as big as fingers this day, and each one has its own advantages to show off to others. Apart from this, internal exchange can be the best option for many new users as well as professional traders in various aspects.

What are the characteristics of a good Iranian exchange?

Choosing a reputable exchange that is comfortable in all aspects of your imagination and does not have to be counted in several exchanges at the same time is one of the important steps in entering the world of digital currencies. When choosing an exchange, you should pay attention to the following points.

  • First of all, check the exchange credit in various ways such as contacting support and more professional people.
  • Check exchange rates because there are always price differences between exchanges.
  • Exchange fees can also be annoying, so be aware of this as well.
  • Have a platform for store market and trading market.
  • The trading volume of the desired exchange must be high.
  • Cover the password of many currencies.
  • Provide additional features such as applications.

Why buy digital currency from Rominex Exchange?

There are good exchanges in the country and Ramzinx is one of the best in buying and selling bitcoin and other digital currencies and bitcoins. but why? There are several reasons why we should choose Ramxinx Exchange, which are discussed below and finally the decision with you.

Credibility and experience

Ramzinx Exchange is a knowledge-based exchange that has been set up by a group of Iranian graduates and elites of Sharif University of Technology, active in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with a history of several years. Ramzinx Exchange is one of the first digital currency exchanges in Iran. High trading volume, user confidence and the ever-expanding digital currency market are all signs of Ramzinx’s high credibility.

Security in Ramzinx Exchange

As you know, the world of digital currencies, due to its decentralized nature, needs to meet the highest security standards. These standards are at the highest possible level in Ramzinx. Algorithms that are inspected and updated daily in Rozinex. On the other hand, all your assets are stored in cryptocurrency in a cold way, which doubles the security of your digital currency assets.

Peer-to-peer trading market

Ramzinx is one of the few Iranian exchange offices that has provided a peer-to-peer trading market to its users. In the trading market, you no longer deal with exchanges and you trade directly with other users. This market is currently in the cryptocurrency exchange, the largest trading market in the country, which has covered more than 15 top currency codes of the market, and this number is increasing every day.

Dedicated and professional application

Another advantage that Rozinex Exchange offers to its users is a professional application for all smartphones. In this application, you can easily buy and sell digital currencies whenever and wherever you are, and on the other hand, monitor your assets.

Buy bitcoins from digital currency exchange

Fees in Ramzinx

As mentioned above, commissions are one of the important factors in choosing an Iranian exchange. The commission for buying and selling digital currency of Rosminex Exchange is the lowest possible among other reputable exchanges.

The commission for digital currency trading in Ramzinx is received as a percentage from both parties to the transaction, ie the customer (the person who registers the order) and the recipient (the person who completes the order). This fee depends on the volume of transactions of the user in the last month.

Customer commission

  • The volume of monthly transactions is less than 50 million Tomans with a fee of 0.3%
  • The volume of monthly transactions is 50 to 200 million Tomans with a commission of 0.2%
  • The volume of monthly transactions is 200 to 500 million Tomans with a commission of 0.15%
  • The volume of monthly transactions is 500 million Tomans and more with a commission of 0.12%

Customizable commission

  • The volume of monthly transactions is less than 50 million Tomans with a commission of 0.32%
  • The volume of monthly transactions is 50 to 200 million Tomans with a commission of 0.25%
  • The volume of monthly transactions is 200 to 500 million Tomans with a commission of 0.2%
  • The volume of monthly transactions is 500 million Tomans and more with a commission of 0.18%


Another point that encourages us to choose Ramzinx Exchange as one of the best Iranian exchanges is the high volume of transactions of this exchange. High trading volume is important because the higher the trading volume, the sooner the orders you have placed will be completed. On the other hand, domestic exchange prices will be closer to world prices. Choosing an exchange with a low trading volume will mean that your order will not be completed even for a few days.

High variety of currency codes

Another notable advantage of the cryptocurrency exchange is the high variety of cryptocurrencies that are supported in the peer-to-peer trading market. Cryptocurrency currently covers the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world of digital currencies, and users can buy and sell two of them in the trading market. The number of cryptocurrencies that can be traded in this exchange is constantly increasing.

How to start working in Ramzinx exchange?

Buying digital currency from the Iranian digital currency exchange Rozinex has a simple process.

  • You must first register on the site.
  • Submit the required identification documents.
  • By sending documents, the bronze level will be activated for you.
  • Complete the authentication process
  • Activate the gold level for you
  • Deposit Rials to the account
  • Buy the desired digital currency
  • Sell ​​the desired digital currency
  • Rial withdrawal from the account

You can enter this page to learn how to buy and sell digital currency.

A final word on buying digital currency

Ramzinx, as an Iranian knowledge-based exchange, can be one of the best choices due to the various services it offers to its users in the field of buying, selling and security of digital currencies. High security, credibility and years of experience, diverse services, dedicated applications and wallets, high variety of currency codes and high trading volume are the most important advantages of this exchange.