Raw materials and production equipment Most items imported to Tehran

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Yadaleh Sadeghi, stated: Since December 29, 2016, up to 149 thousand order registration files have been submitted to the card of Tehran Silence Organization, of which 110 thousand have been approved and 36 thousand The item has been rejected and the rest is being reviewed and an expert opinion is announced.

He also estimated the value of registered orders at 28 billion euros, saying that most of the imported goods included raw materials for production units, basic and priority goods, and equipment and machinery for industrial units.

According to this official, 70% of the orders registered in the whole country are registered in Tehran province.

In the end, Sadeghi, referring to the registration of all business processes in the system of integration and monitoring the trade process, stated: The comprehensive trade system is designed to create a single system for traders in the field of foreign trade and economic actors in the field of domestic trade.

He also expressed hope that by implementing this process, in addition to managing the production and supply chain of goods in the country, it will also reduce the phenomenon of smuggling.