Reaction of the Chairman of the Legal Committee to the confiscation of the property of the Football Federation

Safiullah Faghanpour regarding the seizure of property football Federation He stated: in order to pay the salary of the former head coach of the national team, the Football Federation was forced to Shasta Company Borrow two million euros and issue a check for two million euros and deliver it to Shasta.

The company submits the check to the bank and obtains a certificate of non-payment from the bank Jurisdictions Has taken action.

He continued: The federation’s defense court stated that the check was issued in foreign currency, while the check is valid and legal in Rials, and the court issued a verdict based on Shasta’s request, and the case will be appealed by the federation. No decision has been made on the appeal so far, but the case has been sent to the Civil Judgments Enforcement Branch. Execution of rulings With the introduction of the federation’s properties by Shasta Company, it has undertaken an expertise in real estate.

Faghanpour added: Regarding the debt in the last 8 months and in several stages, the amount of 16 billion Tomans from the credits of the Football Federation has been paid to Shasta Company. Shasta remains. If it is calculated in foreign currency, the rest must be divided and settled at the half rate, and the request of the federation is in the administrative route through the relevant authorities, and the result will be followed up.