Reactions to the range of asymmetric fluctuations / “Let supply and demand determine the price”

According to Tejarat News, in the downturn of the stock market, a law called the range of asymmetric fluctuations was passed and implemented. Initially, many stock market experts considered the range of asymmetric fluctuations to be in favor of the market. Over time, some experts criticized the existence of fluctuations and considered the existence of fluctuations to be detrimental to the market and one of the reasons for the market erosion.

Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, said in a special news talk show last night that price manipulation on the stock exchange was not correct: “The range of fluctuations should be wider than it is now, because market efficiency dictates this.”

Dehghan Dehnavi, stating that the more the range of fluctuations is limited, the more liquidity is limited, said: the stock exchange organization intends to help increase the liquidity of the market. Earlier this year, due to a sharp uptrend in the capital market, we changed the quorum of investment funds and their stock ceiling.

Some capital market experts consider the increase in range in favor of the market and believe that due to the upward trend of the index in the past few days and the increase in trading volume, increasing the positive and negative range in symbol trading has a good effect and gradually bring the market to its equilibrium. It gets closer.

Ali Khanpayeh said in this regard: The market is in a situation where it still suffers from mistrust and shareholders enter the market with skepticism. The volatility range is not currently in favor of market conditions, a large number of symbols are in the sales queue despite the rise of the lock index. The market has not performed well in relation to the volatility range and its elimination is in the interest of the market and shareholders.

Ali Assari, pointing to the unrealistic sales queues in some small symbols, explained: “Increasing the volatility range can be beneficial to the market because it increases transactions and balances the index trend.”

We have to wait for the market reaction in the coming days to see what is the reaction to this news to change or eliminate the range of fluctuations?

With the publication of the speeches of the head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, the audience of Trade News showed different reactions to this issue. Here are some comments from the audience of Tejarat News:

“You remove the range of volatility and let supply and demand determine the price so that no one is accused of price manipulation. “Once again, stop the interests of some people and allow the stock market to grow.”

“If the fluctuation range becomes wider, your friends know that those who are willing to sell the stock market will sell their shares at a loss of 50%, for example, when the other shareholders become poor, Mr. Dehnavi. “From tomorrow, if this decision is implemented, give us at least a certain period of time to get the rest of our lungs out.”

“Regardless of any decision, sellers are market losers”

“I am sure the market can be manipulated and controlled by the legal divisions. It does not matter to them whether the range of fluctuations is high or not.”

“In the hope of completely eliminating the range of volatility, everyone is upset to leave the market. Do not enter directly, say a hundred times. »

“Mr. Dehnavi has shown that his goal is to improve the stock market. The previous president had no authority. At least a good feature of a peasant is to stick to what he says. Stakeholder support for them and distancing themselves from volatile behavior can help a lot. “Instead of getting caught up in the issues behind the scenes, please think about how we, the shareholders, can help the market.”

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