Readiness of West Azerbaijan to meet the needs of the construction sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan

According to West Azerbaijan Borna, Gholamreza Babaei, head of the West Azerbaijan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, referring to West Azerbaijan’s readiness to meet the construction needs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said: “Currently, there are cement exports from West Azerbaijan to Azerbaijan and more figures can be obtained.” Also provided in this regard.

The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of West Azerbaijan added: “West Azerbaijan produces more than four million tons of cement a year, a significant part of which can be exported to various countries, including the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

He said: “$ 22 million has been exported from this province to the Republic of Azerbaijan since the beginning of this year, and this figure can be increased.”

Pointing out that the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the most important countries for the development of trade in the region, Babaei said: “The trade capacities of the province are available to increase relations with this country and if the necessary conditions are created, prompt measures will be taken.”

The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of West Azerbaijan, noting that the Republic of Azerbaijan, in addition to being a good market for exports of West Azerbaijan, is a link between Central Asian and Eurasian countries, added: “Active Russian businessmen are mostly Republicans.” It is Azerbaijan that controls the trade market, through which exports can be made to other countries.

He added: “If the import and transit authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan provide favorable and easy conditions in trade exchanges with Iran and transit conditions within their borders, economic prosperity will be created in export goods.”

The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of West Azerbaijan continued: “The countries of the Eurasian region will be an effective factor in the arrival of Iranian goods to target markets, and strengthening relations with this region is more than ever on the agenda.”

Referring to the border of West Azerbaijan with the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, Babaei said: “This can be a double capacity for the development of relations with this region and also the Republic of Azerbaijan.”