Real estate consultants play an important role in the cost of housing

According to Borna from Arak, Mohsen Kheirmand, the head of the social deputy and crime prevention of the province’s judiciary, said this afternoon in a pathology meeting on the causes of high housing prices: “The housing market has experienced a volatile price situation in recent months. They play an important and influential role among real estate consultants.

He said: “Unfortunately, the pathology of housing prices has not been well pathologized yet.” This deputy does not seek to close the business of real estate consultants and property builders, we just want to firstly not allow the entrepreneur to affect the price of housing and secondly to create responsibility for the entrepreneur.

Kheirmand further stated that there are more than 1500 active enterprises in the province and said: most of the holders of licenses and business licenses are not active in the enterprises and the enterprises are managed by the supervisors, so the activities of the supervisors should be banned until further notice. The person’s expertise is issued to him.

In another part of his speech, the head of the deputy for social affairs and crime prevention of the province’s judiciary said: “When the government raises the price of its property in one area, this price will fall below the market price in that area.” This will lead to an increase in housing prices in that area.

In the end, Kheirmand stated: This deputy intends to form a specialized working group with the presence of Samat Organization, the union of real estate consultants and the guild chamber, and the necessary studies will be carried out so that the firms are leveled and a ceiling is set for each firm. .

Zand, the head of the province’s guild chamber, said: “The number of real estate consultants should be reduced in order to be better supervised. Unfortunately, anyone can easily enter this business and there is no filter for it.

He added: “In order to issue a license for obtaining a real estate consultant, only reading and writing literacy is the criterion that needs to be corrected, and it is also necessary for entrepreneurs to be trained professionally.” In this regard, the scientific and applied university should be more active.