Recognize people’s personalities based on the type of handshake

Millions of years ago, when humans had not yet mastered a complete and comprehensive spoken language, they communicated with each other through the movements of their bodies and hands. In general, at that time, the hands were considered an effective tool for humans to communicate with each other, this is because the human brain has more neural communication with the hands than other parts of the body. This is why hand gestures involve many non-verbal signals, and among all these signals, hand shaking is more common.

Why do we humans shake hands?

It is believed that this is an updated version of one of the ancient methods to ensure that the other party does not carry a weapon. Knocking on the arm during a heartfelt conversation is also an updated model of reassuring the other person not to carry a weapon; It means “I do not carry any weapons. I will not harm you and you can trust me.”

Shaking hands

The position of the hand when shaking reveals a lot of information about your personality. For example, if your palm is down when you shake your hand, it indicates your domineering spirit, and if your palm is up or up in the sky, it means that you are obedient to the other side.

Raising the hand without any movement also means no sense of power or obedience to the other party and indicates a neutral state.

You can see examples of the examples given in couples dealing with each other. The man holds his palm down when he shakes his hand and the woman holds her palm up when she shakes her hand. This can also be seen when two political leaders clash.

Minaret fingers:

If someone presses their fingers together and puts their chin and mouth on their fingers while you speak, it indicates that they are thinking deeply.

Fist covered with open hand:

If you notice while talking to someone that he has punched one hand and covered his fist with his open hand, it indicates that this person is angry but tries to stay calm and control himself. So be careful because he He may get mad at every little thing.

Hand throw

If, while talking to someone, he throws his hand or finger at you while talking, it means that he wants to impose his ideas by force.

Hook hands behind:

If he leans back while talking to someone and hooks his hands behind his back, it shows that he dominates you and his gesture shows that he does not need to defend himself.

Playing with the wedding ring:

A person who constantly plays with his circle while talking to his wife shows that he is nervous and has a problem with it.

Show palm

Showing the palm of the hand while speaking indicates honesty or is a sign of obedience. A person who repeatedly exposes his palm while speaking is usually known as an honest and truthful person. For example, when a person tries to admit his mistake, he exposes the palms of his hands during the conversation.

This move in ancient times meant “Look, I’m not carrying a weapon.”

Note that when communicating an order or serious words to the other party, you should not show your palms because this will reduce the effectiveness of your words and will cause the other party not to take you seriously and instead, not Showing a palm during serious conversations gives you a powerful personality.

Playing with clothes:

Struggling with the sleeves of a shirt or jewelry on your wrist indicates that you need attention.

Tie handling:

This masculine behavior says, I want to make a good impression on myself. This is his way of telling you that “if someone touches your tie when talking to you, it shows that they like to make a good impression and try to please you.

Tap among the hair:

People who do not know what to say often put their hands in their hair.

Hand pressing

A dominant and confident person will put more pressure on the other person when shaking hands, and this will make him / her look strong, dominant and stable in the eyes of the other party.

Loose loss:

Shaking hands when shaking hands is mostly a feminine feature and makes the other person not take the person seriously.

This is an undeniable fact and it applies to everyone. When someone shakes hands with you without any pressure, you will trust them less and you may think that person is not interested in you and is not happy to meet you, but it is still interesting to know that many Artists, musicians, surgeons, and those whose work requires careful use of their hands are reluctant to put pressure on the other person when shaking hands, and this has nothing to do with not being interested in you or being happy to meet you.

Two-handed handshake

Shaking hands is usually done by people who want to gain the trust of the other party; Note, however, that this does not indicate that they are trustworthy and only indicates their inner desire.

This kind of handshake is commonly seen in politicians, businessmen and some friends.

You may also use this type of handshake when someone is helping you and you want to show your trust in that person. So if someone shakes hands with you, It’s better to think about why he did it.

Finger movement:

Slow tapping, beating, or playing a steady rhythm with your fingers indicates impatience and impatience. It is a symbolic escape movement. The fingers perform the act of walking even though the body is motionless.

Hidden hands:

If a person hides his hands when facing you, for example, puts them in his pocket, he says: I do not want to talk to you and I do not want to have a sincere relationship with you.

Hands on knees:

If a person puts his hand on his knee while talking so that the palms are facing up, the person is open and receptive, but if the palms are low, deception and aggression are involved.