Red corona movement in Iran and the world + infographic

Worrying coronary variables grew


On the ninth day of January, for the second day in a row, all the coronary variables recorded a positive growth, and on the other hand, the recovery rate decreased by 3% compared to the previous day.

According to Eqtesadnews, on the ninth day of January, the growth of all worrying variables of the corona for the second consecutive day reddened the corona situation in the country. In this regard, 132 other people lost their lives today due to this disease.

Corona statistics in Iran

The total number of coronary heart disease patients in Iran on the ninth day of winter reached 1,200,212,712 people, of which 969,408 have improved so far.

Currently, according to the latest analysis, 108 cities are in orange and 340 cities are in yellow.


Differences between Iran and world statistics

Global statistics on January 29 showed a growth of over 20% in the three variables of death, infection and daily recovery.

The difference between today’s statistics in Iran and the world was that while the number of daily improvements in the world has increased by 32% compared to yesterday, but in Iran this variable has decreased by 2.63% compared to yesterday.


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