Red symbols affecting the index / statistics of stock exchange Tuesday

According to reports EconomyNews, In Tuesday’s trading, the total index Exchange It decreased by 25,169 units and reached 1,412,000 units. The total homogeneous index also decreased by 3,657 units and stood at 465,482 units.

The value of transactions

Today, the total value of stock market transactions reached 20 thousand and 253 billion tomans, which has increased by 20% compared to the previous day.

Stock supply and demand

At the end of today’s trading, the value of shopping queues was 1,224 billion tomans, which shows a decrease of 17% compared to Monday. Also, the value of sales queues decreased by 36% and reached 1,110 billion tomans.

At the end of today’s trading, Caspian Caspian Wood Industries Company (Vakbehman) topped the market demand table with a purchase line of 118 billion Tomans. After Chakhzar, Barakat Pharmaceutical Company and Azerbaijan Development Investment Company (Vaazar) had the largest purchase queue.

The highest sales queue for the second consecutive day belonged to the symbol of Bu Ali (Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company), which had a sales queue of 332 billion Tomans at the end of transactions. After Bouali, Urmia Petrochemical (Sharom) and Barsing Parsian (Volpars) had the highest sales queue.

The largest price increase

the door Exchange Iran Carbon (Sugar), Azerbaijan Development Investment (with trading symbol Azar) and Iran Tire (Petair) recorded the highest price increases with a growth of 5%. the door OTC Also, Goldasht agro-livestock companies of Isfahan (Zegoldasht), Caspian Caspian wood industries (Chakhzar), government participation bonds, Ashad 2, facility bonds Housing Bank Melli, Tamli 803 and Tamli 806 had the highest price increases.

Impressive contributions

In today’s trading, Famli, Shasta, Fars, Foolad and Khodro were the red symbols affecting the index, which had the most negative impact on the index.