Reducing the number of coronary hospitalizations and deaths in Tehran province / Soldiers are the executive arm of the coronation restrictions plan

According to the Borna news agency from Tehran; Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandapi in the twelfth meeting of the specialized employment working group of the province, while praising the police force for implementing the corona restrictions, said: “In a situation where we are witnessing the accelerating peak of the corona in the world, fortunately in our country the coronation rate and deaths are declining.” has it.

Referring to the decrease in the number of hospitalizations and deaths in Tehran province, he added: “Intelligent restrictions that have been designed have an impact, the implementation of which is the responsibility of the police force. In this regard, 700 operational teams of law enforcement personnel They are responsible for night traffic as well as inter-provincial traffic restrictions.

The Governor of Tehran, referring to the need to comply with health protocols and citizens’ interaction to continue the implementation of coronary restrictions, stated: .