Reducing the unemployment rate in Tehran

Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandapi The governor of Tehran attended a meeting to review the security situation in Tehran province Sardar Ashtari The Commander of the NAJA was held at the East Tehran Police Headquarters in Varamin and said: police He paid attention and strengthened this servant force.

He said: “Today, due to the efforts of the authorities, 10 hectares of land in Javadabad, 6 hectares of land in Varamin city and 2.5 hectares of land have been considered for the establishment of the headquarters and special unit of the eastern police force, which is due to the establishment of a special unit in Varamin city.” Which has a special capacity and importance in Tehran province, is completed.

The governor of Tehran stated: Due to ethnic diversity and high population density and the presence of citizens in Tehran province, it is necessary to strengthen the components of improving security and tranquility in the province and with appropriate investment, provide conditions for creating and maintaining sustainable security.

Mohseni Bandapi declared security as an important infrastructure for private sector investment and added: “If the unemployment rate drops to seven percent in Tehran province this summer, this is the result of the role of law enforcement in providing security and gaining the trust of private investors.”