Reduction in the price of coins / the latest price of gold before today, December 29, 1999

According to Tejarat News, the price of 18-carat hot gold in the open market increased by 2,800 tomans to 1,149,300 tomans yesterday, Monday, January 29

In this regard, the world of economics wrote: “International markets are closed at the beginning of the New Year, although they are closed, but this closure has caused price changes in some assets, such as precious metals, due to the lack of continuity.” Yesterday, the price of gold in the world market rose to $ 1897, although it returned to $ 1880 by 19:30 Tehran time.

Accordingly, the year 2020 will end while the growth of gold will not be stable until the range of $ 2089 and the demand crash caused the price of gold to decrease by about $ 200 compared to its historical ceiling.

According to many experts, next year could be the year gold rises to around $ 2,300. The reason for this is monetary support for major economies, especially the United States, which will lead to the growth of the dollar monetary base.

Reduce the price of coins

In the precious coins market, the price of each coin reached 11 million and 800 thousand Tomans yesterday, which shows a decrease of 100 thousand Tomans compared to the previous day. The high dependence of the price of this popular coin on the price of currency has caused us to see a significant drop in the price of the Azadi spring coin in recent months, in line with the decrease in the price of the dollar.

However, it should be noted that the relative stability of gold prices in world markets is another factor that has caused each coin to remain in the channel of 11 million Tomans in recent weeks. However, it seems that with the beginning of the new year, even assuming the stability of the dollar price in the foreign exchange market, if the global ounce price rises, the ground will be prepared for the success of coins in the domestic market.

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