Reduction of gas exports to Iraq after several consecutive warnings / Iraq owes more than $ 6 billion!

According to Baaqtesad, the National Iranian Gas Company, following the remarks of the spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity about the reduction of Iranian gas exports to this country, provided explanations and specified: The reduction of gas exports to Iraq was done after repeated contract warnings.

The statement said: “The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity owes more than $ 5 billion in gas imports to the National Iranian Gas Company, of which $ 3 billion is blocked and unusable in the Iraqi TBI Bank and more than $ 2 billion of overdue debt is overdue The Ministry of Electricity has not yet been paid in full by the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, and in addition, the Iraqi side owes more than $ 1 billion to the National Iranian Gas Company for contractual violations under the agreement.

The export of gas by the National Iranian Gas Company to Iraq is an economic and commercial issue, while the Iranian side has not benefited from the Iraqi side owing more than $ 6 billion.

The purpose of the export is revenue and this money is used for food and medicine, so the National Iranian Gas Company has reduced the amount of exported gas according to the provisions of the contract after repeated warnings of the contract, which unfortunately met with negligence on the part of the Iraqi side. “

In the end, it is emphasized: National Iranian Gas Company still considers itself committed to the strict implementation of the signed contract./Tasnim